Sunday, August 8

scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen (this means you really love me)

it hasn't always been this way, but the idea of getting a tattoo has been growing on me, immensely.
particularly (or maybe even solely) tattoos consisting of words- it marks your identity and existence as an intellectual being, they will be there to remind you what you want to remember, day and night, and I'm absolutely in love with the possibility of being attached to some particular words so strongly that you want to carry them on your body forever and ever. and yes, there are a couple I can think of as being in that position for me.

I recently discovered a blog called tattoologist and it must be the most amazing resource for tatto inspiration- here are some examples that struck me.


do you have any tattoos at the moment, or planning to get any?

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pharaoh said...

"protect me from what i want" ve fountain göndermesi.. süpermiş!