Friday, June 4

scarlett in lavender

I'm not usually a fan (overrated? absolutely.) but I have to admit scarlett johansson looks undeniably lovely here in iron man photocall.  first of all; lavender looks great on blondes! this is the exact hair look I'm always aiming at. and I can't help adoring the her masterpiece makeup. naturally defined brows and slightly sunkissed, sweet cheeks and moist nude lips, that's very bobbi brown indeed.

well done. won't be long.

hey lovelies, long time no see- I haven't written here in longer than a month, and it's kind of shameful of course. I was pretty busy trying to get my life on track, and I'm not completely sure I succeeded (oh, what a mess), but anyway, here I am!

let me telly you that some exciting posts are coming soon- inspiration is gushing out of my brain. I want to write more about nudes (which I've been pretty obsessed with), florals and maritime chic. seems like summer's gonna be all about these for me. also, nowadays I'm really keen on an oldschool nerd style with a twist, and a post about that would be really nice, too.

and, big news: expect a live broadcast of Dublin street fashion (yes, heading to Éire soon!). 

 photos from audrey hepburn complex

you should see this: my favorite things in the world combined- moon river, audrey hepburn, and morrissey. I've always loved him, but I think this was the video that got me so much into mozzer. I was stunned by how well he understands it- that was about a year ago.  now I barely listen to anyone else. actually, even less than "barely".