Sunday, October 31

zara red shoulder bag with gusset

I like this one a lot- particularly mouth-watering when worn with a camel coat.

Saturday, October 30

it's too late to tell him how great he really was.

yesterday I went to a morrissey party where less morrissey/ the smiths songs were played than it is played in my room on an average night. to take revenge, I felt like taking some wardrobe inspiration from "baby moz"- okay that was perfectly lame, I'll say smiths-era morrissey style while dressing up for a short walk outside today. so should you!

it's easy: an intentional desperation, some slouchiness, some mix and match patterns- and voila; you look enough smiths-obsessed.

oh, by the way, I happened to discover this unpublished demo version of paint a vulgar picture, one of my favorite smiths songs of all time (now that's saying something, considering I basically live on the smiths songs). lots of different lines (now I know why it's called "paint a vulgar picture) and a purer, less processed vocal tone- it might even be better than the actual published version, and suddenly every blurry point about the story told in the song is illuminated. if any of you happens to be a psychopatic morrissey/smiths fan like I am, you might really enjoy this:


paint a vulgar picture. 
paint a vulgar picture., popsiclepout tarafından pullover tops ile yaratıldı

I know this was a quite weird post and I made myself look really crazy, I just love the man so much I can't help!

Wednesday, October 27

he knows so much about these things.

talk about head-to-toe perfection- this londoner has everything, absolutely everything to make a man charming.
from street style aesthetic, my  favorite street style blog lately.

isabel marant red leather biker pants

 isabel marant's f/w '10 collection embodies rock'n roll chic with a ladylike twist to me, and I'd kill for just about any piece of it, but I have something particular for this pair of cropped red leather biker pants. just the sight of these makes me want to go dancing around, singing "twist and shout". can you blame me? you know you got me going!

oh, and this combination... now I have a real reason to believe in love.

I'm just about as fond of some of its friends aswell. which is understandable.

thanks to the € 1,595 price tag I know I'll never really get my hands on it, but now that I mentally "have" this item, I know how exactly I'd wear it.
it would go perfectly with a rebel chic look...
red leather biker pants
red leather biker pants, popsiclepout tarafından butterfly earrings ile yaratıldı

...or to add a dash of excitement to my everyday basics.
 red leather biker pants

red leather biker pants, popsiclepout tarafından biker pants ile yaratıldı

come on and twist a little closer now, and let me know you're mine! oh, sweet dreams...

NARS vintage polish collection

oh, sweet nostalgia. I'm totally smitten over NARS' new limited edition vintage nail polish collection. each named after a silver screen classic, these colors all share a very vintage feeling indeed. I'm sure I'd like them very much solely for their colors, too, but after seeing the names, there's no escape- I'm such a sucker for everything with a story, and extra points if it involves classic hollywood.  

from left to right- click on the names to go to the imdb page of the movie of inspiration:
M*A*S*H army green infused with gold.
KING KONG copper brown infused with gold
ZULU forest green
FULL METAL JACKET gunmetal frost
 all polishes are 16$ each.

Tuesday, October 26

amis and fonseca

today I came across this lovely interview of novelist couple martin amis and isabel fonseca, and thought this photo of them embodies my ideal home: a big library, a simple and clean air eclecticity and a gently worn effect. oh, and somebody to love would help, too. 

amis on fonseca:
"I rely tremendously on her beauty. She looks very nice when she's asleep and she wakes with a smile. It's an extraordinary thing. It's very unfair, as all things to do with beauty are, but it's a fact. I rely on it for joie de vivre. It's proof of her equilibrium as well. Your happiness determines your demeanor in the world." 

photo source: english muse

Sunday, October 24

halloween costume idea for the super-duper-lazy audrey hepburn fan: jo stockton from funny face

lazy? audrey hepburn fan? still looking for an extra-easy halloween costume? welcome to the club. oh, and I have  the answer that you need: jo stockton of funny face.

a lean, simple, all-over black ensemble is jo stockton's usual daytime look. not a universally recognizable costume, I must admit. but especially if you're going to a classic hollywood-conscious halloween party, it's gonna be oh-so-cool. and, could it be easier? I don't think so.   

what you need:
  • a black turtleneck
  • cropped black cigarette pants
  • black penny loafers
  • a beige parka to throw on if you're cold.
  • optional: socks, either white or black. she wears a white pair in the famous dancing scene and the promotional photoshoot, and black in the paris tour scene. in my opinion, white should be opted for a signature jo stockton look. actually; there's a pretty interesting story about the socks. during the promotional photoshoot, director stanley donen wanted her to wear those white socks with her black loafers, to add definition. audrey; pretty self-conscious about her rather large feet, refused. it's said that the discussion went as far as audrey ended up reducing to tears, and she had to wear the socks afterall. after seeing the photos, she sent a note to donen, saying "you were right about the socks." 
  • for an extra-jo apppeal, take something nerdy with you, like a book on philosophy- extra points if it's on empathicalism.
jo stockton from funny face- for halloween 

for the makeup part; concentrate on eyes: a thick black top liner, falsies and thick groomed brows- even audrey's natural brow shape had to be augmented a bit with brow pencil on top. keep skin nice and matte, and lips muted in a rosey pink.

go for a simple, neat sideparted ponytail. a dab of anti-frizz serum will keep it smooth, shiny and in perfect shape all night.

seems to me you're ready- now enjoy jo's dance & try to pick up some of her tricks!

check out my previous halloween posts, too!
photo source: fabulous audrey hepburn

Saturday, October 23

season checklist: ladylike bags

I'm really glad fashion has taken this 50's-inspired chic, sophisticated and elegant direction this season. and it's not just clothes: seems like these structured "mad men" bags are the perfect arm candy now.

as for me; I first set my eyes on the lovely, precious genuine croc vintage bag that used to belong to my grandma in fifties and it screams "I should belong to betty draper". it's been sitting in my mother's wardrobe forever- not really her thing. so I thought, why not? and although it took me weeks, I finally convinced her to let me borrow the bag for the season. can hardly wait to try it!

my picks for the season:

1. valentino, 2. pierre cardin vintage, 3. fendi, 4. nancy gonzalez, 5. marc jacobs, 6. alexander mcqueen, 7. valentino, 8. chloé

Tuesday, October 19

we will always have paris.

from paris s/s 11 fashion week.
here you have the epitome of french chic: you don't need a tremendous amount of effort or terribly flashy pieces. just a beret, a chanel breton shirt, high-waisted trousers, ballerina flats and a slick of red lipstick. skill of effortlessly playing up basics is what defines parisienne style to me.
photo source: TFS forum.

tiffany's, anyone?

anne hathaway for vogue US november 2010, by mario testino.
I feel like a spark or two could help, but still find these cool.


Sunday, October 17

season checklist: penny loafers.

being the first audrey hepburn movie I've seen, funny face has made a profound impact on my idea of beauty. who could forget the delicious, daring, charming main character jo stockton, played by audrey hepburn? certainly not me. her wit, her bambi eyes, and of course, her black loafers worn with cigarette pants and a black turtleneck. since then, a good pair of loafers define preppy weekend chic- something audrey hepburn or grace kelly would wear.

and finally, their day has come again: this season, good ol' penny loafer goes as far as threatening the longstanding reign of the ballet flat. and I certainly can't complain.
classic grandpa loafers completed some of the the looks in chloé's f/w collection. they are also appearing with updated, high-heeled versions in céline, alexander wang, balenciaga and prada. as for me, I'll stick with the original flat loafers. I finally got the pair of topshop loafers, on which I'd had a crush for a while, but I'm already saving up for another pair. oh god.

I hope this bunch of street style photos involving penny loafers gives you some inspiration. and here are my ways- and I'd love to hear how you wear your loafers. I'm pretty obsessed with them, so a few tips would really help.

learn from audrey and complete your loafers with cropped cigarette pants. then pretend you're dancing with fred astaire in a giant hollywood production.

warning: this is not for the faint of heart. go for the bold combination of denim shorts and warm knee-lenght socks for a retro schoolboy appeal.
...or try this style with a 50's style full pleated skirt for a similar but girlier finish.

Thursday, October 7

bonjour paris!

this must be one of the most exciting scenes in the history of film. three different ways of awesomeness and three different faces of paris. oh, and three different ways to look impossibly chic. what else could one ask for?

from funny face, 1957

au bout du souffle

this scene is always a good one for inspiration.

from au bout du souffle [breathless], 1960.

Sunday, October 3


this photo of the gorgeous model/blogger hanneli mustaparta on the last day of NYFW reminded me of how stylishness is all about being yourself.
her stella mccartney dress is already a gorgeous, outstanding one by itself, and hanneli mustaparta is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, so she could just wear this and look awesome, but she chose to express herself and look awesome at the same time, by adding her own little touches here and there- the little peek at the leopard bra, cat-eye shades, almost-invisible nude pumps, clever belt detail, and the little understated ponytail as a perfect finishing touch. oh, and I particularly appreciate how the shoes, the bag and the belt are non-matching, because it's time for us to get rid of that obsession.
what do you think? I know you love it.

burberry prorsum cropped shearling aviator jacket speaking.

from now on, I'll give a chance to a couple of my items of desire for the season to speak for themselves. I saw this idea in a magazine a while ago, totally un-creative copycat I am nowadays, it was hard not to "borrow".

hey guys, it's burberry prorsum cropped shearling aviator jacket speaking. 
I know I've been bothering deniz's mind an awful lot lately.  let's say she was relatively easy to seduce, probably thanks to my delicious chocolate brown leather and my creamy, dreamy shearling trim. and you know what's lovely? I remind her an incredible lot of the shearling aviator jacket she had from age two to five. seems like she has never felt that cool in anything she's worn ever since, and she's still mourning over the day she grew out of that one. I'll give her the perfect opportunity be awesome again. really. 
you know; she can wear me along with a simple sweater, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a slouchy satchel in a matching color and those sporty lace-up booties she's been eyeing... and voila, perfect weekend chic. for a winter's night out, I think she would simply throw me on an ensemble of a little black dress, black tights and black pumps, so that I can pop against them. oh, and to glam it up a bit, a slick of red lipstick could work.
can you tell we were made for each other? now all we need is €2,395  of spare cash in her pocket! that shouldn't be too much, right? RIGHT?

shearling jacket
shearling jacket