Thursday, November 19

objects of desire: november

objects of desire: november

  1. marc by marc jacobs 'parker' tartan wrap coat: I've already told about my platonic long-distance love affair with this coat. we're pretty much star-bound lovers.
  2. eugenia kim 'poppy' equestrian hat: I can't think of many things as dashing as this hat right now.
  3. vera wang lavender label  'lisa' embellished flats: so incredibly girly/sparkly/elegant it's virtually irresistible, until I see the price tag.
  4.  jennifer oulette velvet birdcage headband: perfect for adding a 40's twist to every outfit. think of wearing it with with a killer red lipstick and just a swipe of mascara, or with a completely different approach; doe eyes look with thick liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara. it screams DIY to me, whatcha think?
  5. topshop knitted pom pom sweater: such a cutie. though I don't think it's an overall good look for an adult, I love adding some items with a childlike appeal to keep it lighthearted.
  6. 3.1 philip lim draped tuxedo cardigan: this one pretty much sums up this season's trends: glam rock appeal, boyfriend blazer shape, MJ reference. such a statement piece.
  7. see by chloé studded leather ankle boots: this is one of the season's star items. genius.
  8. alex monroe 22-karat gold pleated feather necklace: seems like a very timeless piece. beautiful.
  9. topshop tartan scarf: I've been looking for the perfect blue-green tartan everywhere for years... this search has been a staple of my life. this seems to be the one. ideal for my "nordic spirit" days. and it probably is one of the only items on the list I can actually afford. wohooo.
  10. l'inde silver necklace with leather closure: think how good it would look with a simple white tank top and a slouchy gray cardigan... this is heaven.

    Wednesday, November 18

    not just a blank canvas: cintia dicker

    to me, cintia dicker is one of brazil's most important additions to the model army.

    don't you think she is so different than anything we've seen in the fashion industry so far?
    a magical, harmonic, flaming combination of elegance, purity and rebellion. she manages to be an angel, an amazon and a sex kitten/rocker babe at the same time.

    here are some favorites- first; covers, editorials and ads:

    in the backstage:

    though not my faves ( I just don't feel like she's one of those "runway models"... she is to be completely focused on, as in editorials and ads!), here are a couple runway photos:


    I think I have a girl crush on cintia! oh, who doesn't?

    sartorialist for burberry: art of the trench

    facebook is getting old. so is twitter.
    burberry started a new phase in social networking world: art of the trench.
    it's basically a website full of photos of many different people wearing burberry trench coats & info about trench.
    you can filter the photos by gender, trench color, styling, even weather, learn more about the history of trench coats, load your own photos with your trench, comment on photos, and some other cool things.

    some cool the kooks pieces, all played acoustic, are on the background. could it be better?

    as if it's not cool enough, burberry has commisioned scott schuman (the sartorialist) to go around the world and picture people with their burberry trench coats. he came up with brilliant photos that fills my heart with joy of trench, of course.


    I'm a big-time trench coat fan. I can't even remember what I wore during the 3/4 of the year before I purchased one. the item just has a life, a stand of its own.
    she just don't care
    she just don't care by popsiclepout featuring Dorothy Perkins

    I often play up the classic and clear-cut, but still kinda sorta scruffy  feeling trench coats give to me. cuffed, light wash torn boyfriend jeans worn with a fitting "audrey" stripey top and loafers or brogues does the job.

    I guess you're right
    I guess you're right by popsiclepout featuring Miu Miu shoes

     pairing the trench with chunky heels and a short dress is one of my favorites. this formula just works like magic for some reason. it's such a cool high-low mix.

    cool kid
    cool kid by popsiclepout featuring Marc Jacobs shoes

    when I 'm feeling like being a bit more rebel than usual...

    how do you wear your trench?

    with trench love.

    Thursday, November 12

    outfit of the day: half a person

    I think "half a person" of the smiths has recently become my favorite song about stalking/going after someone and unfulfilled love, judging by the fact that I've been obsessively listening to it over and over for a couple days. I've never been quite interested in happy endings, anyways.
    I love how it's quite entertaining and mellow, yet terribly heartbreaking on the background. oh morrissey, you make pathetic cool. 

    the song has even affected my taste in clothing over the week.

    call me morbid, call me pale
    I've spent six years on your trail
    six full years of my life on your trail

    and if you have five seconds to spare
    then I'll tell you the story of my life :
    sixteen, clumsy and shy
    I went to london and I
    I booked myself in at the y ... w.c.a.

    I said : "I like it here - can I stay ?
    I like it here - can I stay ?
    do you have a vacancy
    for a back-scrubber?"

    the thing is; morrissey is still sixteen, clumsy and shy at heart. 


    Wednesday, November 11

    inspired by: dsquared² fall 2009 rtw

    oh, eclectic styles... I'm pretty convinced there's nothing cooler.

    fall can be boring sometimes. if you feel trapped, to bring some excitement to your style life, you can take inspiration from dsquared's fall collection, as I'm doing nowadays. dsquared² did a great job combining this season's tougher and smoother styles in a very casual way to the perfect balance, with unexpected pops of color and pattern.

    from : 
    "this collection was all about the high-low mix: T-shirts, preppy pastel button-downs, and boyfriend jeans topped off with a snug washed leather jacket and a trucker hat; a pair of tank tops tucked into a mini made from a Chanel-ish plaid bouclé; or a faded denim jacket tossed on over a black jersey gown with crystal straps. Nearly every look was accessorized with knit caps, sunglasses, and bling."

    (see the whole collection here )
    boyfriend blazers, leather jackets, beanie hats, baseball caps, tote bags, boyfriend jeans, chino pants, plaid shirts, button downs, jean vests, leopard patterns and leggings are... sort of mandatory.
    some looks I put together:
    inspired by dsquared fall rtw-2

    looks were completed with unkempt but gorgeous "just-rolled-out-of-bed" hair with smudged gunmetal smokey and glossy, sweet nude lips... hangover chic!