Sunday, December 26

object of desire: glitter shoes

seems like shoemakers are acting upon the dorothy in us nowadays, and heaven knows I can't complain. I don't remember when I started to look for one, but I had my eyes on glitter-dunked shoes for a long time (possibly a cinderella or wizard of oz thing). and now suddenly, they are everywhere: designers seem to be determined to glitter up your feet this season. my absolute favorite would be marc jacobs' pointed-toe "mouse" glitter kitten heels, louboutin's nude-trimmed glitter ballerinas ad and miu miu's pair of glitter oxfords, which is the perfect combination of girly and tomboy; and though not my usual thing, I think giuseppe zanotti's glitter cowboy boots are pure genius. aren't these all the perfect way to dress up your everyday jeans a bit or add a girly tinge to a muted masculine ensemble?
glitter shoes
glitter shoes, popsiclepout tarafından gap shoes ile yaratıldı

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alexa chung for elle
caroline's mode
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Monday, December 20

why brows are important

audrey hepburn, before & after:

always beautiful, just in need of some va-va-voom.. voila! brows have it.

Sunday, December 12

breton time!

sometimes I hear people talking about me as "the girl in stripes". oh, you can't possibly know how I love breton tops! they work absolutely every way possible- combine with cigarette pants and flats and you're audrey hepburn. wear it under a trench and you're a parisiénne. mix and match with other patterns to add an eclectic appeal. wear it under your blazer and pants for a smart casual business look.

the undeniable charm of breton shirt 

those of you who know me have probably heard that I'm leaving for paris next month, to study there till june. as someone who is obsessed with french chic, I know it would be a fatal mistake to go without a real proper breton. not that I don't own countless breton-like striped shirts and sweaters- so many it's ridiculous, but I'm lacking a "real deal", a heavy-cotton, heavy-duty fishing breton shirt; ohe of those they call "meridien."

I had my eyes on this GAP one for a while; the shape is surprisingly right and the material is thick as I wanted it to be, and quite cheap compared to other options, but it happened to be out of stock when I finally went to buy it. argh!
GAP, $29
 A.P.C. makes these wonderful -but overpriced- ones. oh, some day...
A.P.C., $200
J.Crew sells this lovely one buy the quintessential french brand St James, at a more accessible $85.
J.Crew Saint James, $85

meanwhile; let's get some inspiration from the "forefathers":
audrey hepburn

brigitte bardot

charlotte gainsbourg
lou douillon

the sartorialist

Saturday, December 11

party like it's 1962

as we approach the holiday season, everybody's eagerly hunting for the perfect party dress.
personally, I adore the retrospective-minimalist evening collection of zara for the season so much that I don't feel like looking any further. ladylike and proper, with a bit of distressed rock'n'roll twist- my thing, exactly! I've especially had my eyes on the lipstick-red dress for a while, but all of them are mouth-watering.  

have you picked up anything for the season yet?
zara evening collection

Sunday, November 28

red ideas for winter.

red lips don't have to look vixen: a natural shade of red lip color in a slightly sheer and glossy texture and minimal makeup elsewhere will make you look impossibly innocent and youthful. try a stain or a tinted lip balm instead of your classic red lipstick- you'll be amazed with the result.

red and leopard print, along with the subduilng effect of a ladylike camel coat, is suprisingly sweet. oh, do I need to mention how trendy it is?

complete a classic, muted ensemble with a dash of chunky, sporty red -such as red mittens- to make it joyous and fun.

photos: blanco winter 2010 campaign by hunter & gatti

there's more to life than books, but not much more.

bookstores have always mesmerised me with their stylishness and tranquility. warm lights, that delicious book scent diffused all around and the almost infinite selection of books to lose yourself in makes an irresistible combination. and for a trip to bookstore, what kind of apparel can be a better choice  than 50's-style girly frocks combined with classic accesorizing and horn-rimmed nerd glasses? 

seems like I desperately need to spare a lazy saturday just to hang around in a cozy bookstore. some great new books and magazines along with a good cup of coffee- oh, it sounds like a dream to me now.
"smart dressing" by olivia graham for the gloss, via sarah klassen

Saturday, November 20

cherries in the snow

I'm a bit obsessed with this 1953 revlon ad nowadays, not only because I adore everything vintage but also it reminds me of these lovely, little but significant things about being a woman. after 57 years after the shade's original release, "cherries in the snow" lipstick and nailpolish are still available today, and if it's such a timeless, universally flattering shade of pink-red, I'm craving to try it. I'll let you know once I get my hands on them!

Sunday, November 14

fall polishes.

vogue US picked their favorite fall polishes consisting of surprisingly wearable statement shades such as rich neutrals, lustrous metalics, smoky purples and steely blues, and I'll have to agree. personally, I've got my eyes on M*A*S*H and khaki vert nowadays, though I'm still ecstatic about last spring's greige-taupe nails, and loving beige-camel polishes, which channel season's key color.

what's your "polish strategy" this fall?
1. dior nail color in bronze libertine

2. nars nail polish in M*A*S*H

3. chanel nail colour in khaki vert

4. revlon nail enamel in rock

5. rescue beauty lounge nail color in catherine h
6. zoya professional lacquer in kelly
7. sonia kashuk nail color in taunting teal

8. essie nail color in over the top

Friday, November 12

take a bow.

after all the overwhelming whim over bow headbands over the last two years, it's hardly exciting to see one. but this photo of catherine deneuve from 60's is sure refreshing and inspiring. it's amazing how sweet the headband looks; paired with her long, back-combed bob... and of course, that face. that wonderful face.

photo source: fashionising

Monday, November 8

me loves céline classic box bag

right when you think "how much cooler céline can get?", the brand comes up with something that's even cooler. their classic box bag is possibly this season's it bag, and my favorite bag in a long time, too. epitome of this season graceful lady bag trend, with a refreshing touch of 90's minimalism. such a timeless piece yet it captures the zeitgeist so well; it's definitely a hit for me. I wish I had enough money to consider it a must-have.

beauty comes in all colors!
Céline Classic Box Bag

j. press goes high street.

good news: preppy menswear label J. Press has collaborated with urban outfitters (which might be my favorite store in the whole world) for a collegiate-inspired  collection. a tie in princeton orange, a scarf in dartmouth green, a belt in cornell red- perfect for a secret prepster wannabe like I am. though it's a menswear collection, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a couple of these cuties. sadly, it's only available stateswide. not so good news.

Sunday, November 7

portrait of a lady.

here's the lovely cover shoot of this month's vogue UK, showing a mesmerizingly brigitte bardot-like lara stone; enjoying brighton beach in pretty, demure white-and-cream ensembles.  
wearing white after labor day? I think so. 

Wednesday, November 3

today's inspiration: layering

is there anything cooler than layering different textures to keep warm? to punch it up, add a pop item or two, like the  patterned skirt & round-toe suede heels here in this combo. a belt will help you out with creating shape and keep the overall look from being bulky.