Wednesday, February 2

bonjour paris, although we hate each other.

j'habite a paris
I moved to paris a week ago, for about six months.

now this would probably explain my long absence from the blogging world. unlike everybody else on the planet, I didn't purely love paris initially- the transition was a tough one for me. for one thing; paris housing market is exhaustingly competitive. for another; just standing there looking puzzled with a map on your hand  isn't enough to make people don't come up to you and show you the way, (and it has pretty much everywhere else I've been), nor is directly asking them to. and other things. anyways, it got slightly better upon discovering that I pick up tartes aux framboises each day for breakfast from the bakery on my street, and buy an almost-mint condition vintage longchamp bag for 10 €.

now I gotta tell you all about the parisiénnes, those lovely careless creatures strolling around with their chunky scarves wrapped around. everybody's so well dressed I can swear it's a dream (a bad one, because I feel inadequate), it's as if being well dressed obligatory- and I'm happy to oblige. amazing (and actually wearable) vintage deals, I've been abusing the stock lately. great breton shirts are everywhere, I'm saving up for a "real deal" at the moment. well, I'm saving up for a lot of things. improving my french. craving over a pair of repetto flats. walking around. adapting. hating and loving. I'll tell you all about it.

by the way; I live ten minutes away from galeries lafayette. sounded like a perfect idea initially, though now I don't know if that's good or bad: I got out strictly for the post office today and then found myself at lafayette, trying on a cashmere sweater, swatching multiple shades of rouge coco and staring at a particular chloé purse- for two hours. oh french, do they know how to make pretty things.