Tuesday, April 23

get the look: queen elizabeth II

her majesty elizabeth the second, by the grace of god, of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, and of her other realms and territories, queen, head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith, and my absolute favorite royal of all times, has been in this world for exactly 87 years (and two days- I'm always late). it was quite an eventful year for the queen: she hosted the olympics, became a bond girl, celebrated her 60th year on throne, had her diamond jubilee sort of overshadowed by kate, won a bafta, had her husband hospitalized, was hospitalized herself, and outlived margaret thatcher, all while running her usual errands, and being polished as always.

ma'am loves her dress coats, silky shift dresses and lots of tweed (all in the same color), paired with her adorably outdated, demure mid-heels, a pair of white gloves, and an extremely classic black tote. as for the jewelry department, she's rarely seen without a brooch pinned to her coat, and always three strings of pearls on her neck. she is not one to shy away from color- in fact that's where she's really unpredictable. you never can tell, really: she might be all cutesy in lavender, yellow and cotton candy, or visiting wilder territories such as fierce tones of red, purple and emerald. a slick of brigh-ish lipstick completes the look (a habit shared by many women of her generation, even if they don't use any other item of makeup). I can't claim to know what exactly her majesty smells like- although it's probably not like you, me, or the typical granny. she's known to purchase lavender products from yardley, so I'll  play it safe and go with yardley's english lavender edt (which holds a royal warrant and apparently both her mother and queen mary used).

get the look: queen elizabeth II

while getting ready for another 60 years with elizabeth as the queen of england, I brought together her style hits from this year:

baby's in black at margaret thatcher's funeral- not a color we are used to see on her, so it comes as such a game changer in a weird way:

I love this rather daring wrap dress that she wore for the royal variety performance, and all the silver-y accents that come with it (including the hair! the hair!):

shades of pink make her such an english rose, it's amazing. but this ensemble must be the best of them all:

 and of course, how can one forget her bond girl frock, complete with a feather-y fascinator: