Monday, October 19

halloween costume ideas- number two: holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany's

who can forget the image of gazelle-like audrey hepburn gazing behind her big dark sunglasses at the window of tiffany & co store in 5th avenue, while having her breakfast consisting of danish pastry & coffee? or the wet, long smooch between hepburn and george peppard under the rain, with the nameless cat in between?

breakfast at tiffany's is an unforgettable movie in many ways. for this halloween, let this beautiful tale of two lonely spirits in new york inspire you.

since breakfast at tiffany's is beyond being my favorite movie & book (more like a lifestyle, a defining point), being holly golightly is always is the first thing that comes to my mind in when I hear the word halloween. here are two holly golightly costumes I put together:

first, holly's bedtime look:
as expected, holly golightly's sleepwear is anything but ordinary.
I went for this look once, in halloween 2007. this is super easy to pull off, and personally, I like it much better than the regular "black gown plus opera glows plus tiara" look, because you can spot at least one person per party sporting that one. yes, less recognizable, but much more creative.

holly golightly in sleepwear

here's what you need:

 *a really large men's tuxedo shirt
 *a sleeping mask, preferably similar to holly's, but a simple blue one will work, too.
you can find one like holly wore here and here. this one is super cute aswell. or, you can go for any big, bright, interesting sleeping mask you want. this store has tons of them.
and if you're feeling crafty, go ahead and make one as you like!

*if you can find, tassel earplugs like holly's. this store has an exact replica, but I think you'll be okay without.

*she's barefoot in that scene, but you'll probably have to walk outside at some point, so you can opt for nude-colored flats.

*you can take a orange tabby cat toy with you, to pay tribute to the famous no-name cat holly lives with.

before you put on the mask, straighten your hair, tease it around the crown area and put it in a half-up style.

and, here is the final scene look. just to let you know, blair and nate did it, too!

here's what you need:

 *a basic beige belted trench coat.
*a little black sheath dress - anyone will do.
*a pair of black pointed-toe kitten heels.

Saturday, October 10

halloween costume ideas- number one: liz lemon from 30 rock

this post is actually about my unnatural obsession with 30 rock,but I decided to keep it in the already defined format of the blog.

I can't exactly make a style analysis post about any character on the show, you know what I mean...
but there's something: just a couple weeks left till halloween. I just couldn't help coming up with the idea of dressing up as liz lemon, tina fey's alterego and the protagonist of the show. I'm so doing this, and I had to share some ideas with you guys.

my friend, if you're looking for a totally awesome yet easy halloween look, liz lemon might be the answer for you, too.

you need:
*a navy blazer
*a cami/shirt to wear inside
*some bootcut jeans
*a pair of sneakers (preferably converse)
*a padded push-up bra (cuz you know, she's totally got'em)
*and of course, black rimmed signature liz lemon glasses.
*not quite necessary, but a really small pendant necklace like liz always has on will work too.

my hair color is quite close to hers, so I won't wear a wig or anything, but you can opt for a cheapo party store one if your haircolor/length is nothing like hers and if you feel like it.

have your hair parted from the middle and make tousled, "I-don't-care" waves, but not like a lush, killer Serena van der Woodsen I-don't-care. It's more of a really desperate, "I don't know what to do with my life" kind of I-don't-care.
you can just let it loose or make a loose bun instead. messy half-up styles are also quite liz.

finishing touches:
* you might want to add some food like, a box of krispy kreme, to pay tribute to her food love. also, having food stains on your shirt or adding some lettuce to your hair will always work, too.

"I'm gonna go talk to some food about that"

*is there anyting more liz lemon than holding a huge, messy pile of paper on your arms?

*the right attitude.



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Friday, October 2

things I love: patrick davy music

I thought it's a good idea to talk about stuff I love from time to time, I'll also add some style element to it :)
today, I'm gonna introduce you to patrick davy, a young musician from detroit.

I don't know much about him- I just happened to run into his myspace about a year ago. it was shortly after leaving my beloved michigan and I had just started school here, in a huge city with almost nobody I knew, so it was perfect timing. I was enchanted by his music, it just grew and grew on me everyday. I am so proud of my discovery, I added one more item to my "soundtracks to my life" list.

he has some pretty mature words to say, yet it's still so young and fresh. you can feel the very distinct kind of gloom almost unique to detroit. it's a lot like an artistic, beautiful heartache.

don't you just love the inspiring combination of a very young person; a blossoming brand new life and the city of detroit; a ghost city, tough as hell, out of hope?
the city's almost like a biblical story, so surreal. so beautifully destroyed.

how amazing and scary life is.

if this sounds good to you, take a a look at his myspace page or website, where you can find his tracks, videos & info.
amongst the songs, my personal favorites are -though I developed a personal connection with almost all the songs over time-  we cannot return and where it began.
what do you think? have I added anyone to the fan army?

lastly, for my blog's name's sake, I made a polyvore set where I took inspiration from what patrick davy music and detroit makes me feel. enjoy!

detroit by popsiclepout featuring Monsoon accessories

stay gloomy, stay stylish.