Monday, December 28

editorial: Côte d'Allure

from Vogue Germany
photographer: Horst Diekgerdes
model: Madisyn Ritland

I feel like  two of my favorite bloggers, forgetmenot and my wonderland will appreciate this editorial! 

the editorial reminds me a lot of grace kelly's luxurious, well-put-together, ladylike but relaxed and provençale holiday/weekend style. it's such an enchanting, vivid and stylish story with sixties staples like cat-eye glasses, silk echarpes, cardigans and florals. though some of the shots need a bit more editing in my opinion (like the final one), I think it's a very creative work rather than a mere recreation of a certain style.

what do you think?

photos from fashion gone rogue

how about this one, forgetmenot? :)


and, as always, here's the polyvore set (it's becoming my blog's tradition!)
this time, rather than putting together one outfit, I made an ensemble of pieces that remind me of this style.
grace, for the weekend
grace, for the weekend, popsiclepout tarafından Hermes ile yaratıldı


Friday, December 25

dear santa

got the message?
dear santa



Thursday, December 24

last-minute holiday makeup inspiration

is there a better time than christmas for experimenting with any kind of shimmer/sparkle and shades you'd normally shy away from?

makeup artist troy jensen gave rachel mcadams this warm, alluring cali girl glow for holidays....

...and this one. glossy raspberry lips & inner rims of eyes glimmering like snow; is there anything more christmas?

kristen bell's fairly defined, proper eyes, vibrant tomato lipstick and matching blush is the perfect fit for a more formal christmas event. you'll feel like a royal for one night.

anne hathaway's khol-rimmed eyes & a bit of champagne sparkle looks super and captivating. try this especially if you have big, beautiful eyes like anne's.

red lips  like anne hathaway's save the day if you need a quick perk-me-up. it looks so put together even if you put minimal effort on the rest of your face & hair. plus, it's so christmas.

jennifer hudson glams it up with a gunmetal cat eyes & very sparkly gloss.

michelle tratchenberg looks like a snow fairy with her porcelain face. top liner adds elegance & glamour.

leighton meester's girly and glowy look is perfect for a cozy christmas. opt for warm, peachy lips & cheeks, lush lashes and lots of champagne highlighter if you like it.



last-minute holiday hair inspiration: blake lively

oh, how I love gossip girl's golden girl blake lively. isn't she wildly attractive and very classy? not what I would have described if you asked me my idea of a perfect woman a while ago, but now she has pretty much become so. (let's admit I had a long period of denial. I tried so hard not to like her for about 1.5 seasons of gossip girl, but you know, the fight is not worth fighting sometimes.)

you know she's the hair queen nowadays. serena hair is pretty much what rachel hair was in 90s. so, I decided to bring together a couple hair looks she has worn recently to give you an idea you about your christmas hair if you're still undecided and desperately looking for inspiration.

opt for a half updo if you can't decide. it's very in-between in many ways and suits every occasion.
a dressy half-updo is what holiday hair means to me! it's even prettier with curls.
let those gorgeous locks free- there are more ways to wear wavy hair than you think. some would be scrunching your hair with a mousse, curling with a large iron or twisting it into a bun and wait for a couple hours.
show your classier side with an updo.
to balance a bright/bold dress, opt for a blow dry with a natural wave.

a teased ponytail always works for such occasions. I love how it's dressy & casual at the same time. fun hair alert!

have a merry & gorgeous christmas.


Tuesday, December 22

style analysis: dree hemingway

I have a new style crush: ballerina-turned model dree hemingway (yes, that hemingway... she's the great-granddaughter of ernest hemingway. but I'm pretty sure she's tired of this being said over and over again).

I love dree's relaxed, natural, down-to-earth and a bit slouchy style, it's very new yorker to me. timeless but very aware of the zeitgeist. you can tell her staples are skinny jeans, ballerina flats and blazers. and she knows how to make it catchy and cool with some key pieces. I love how she plays up classics through color and proportion and minimal but effective use of accesories, and I think chunky heels (like her apparently beloved pair of alexander wang fringe boots) she often uses make a contrast with and accentuate her tall, slender figure.


she has out-of-this-world gorgeous hair, doesn't she? you don't see hair of that quality everyday.
but it's just-rolled-out-of-bed perfect,  not I've-spent-the-last-five-hours-in-salon perfect... tousled tresses make her even cooler. she uses her hair mostly down, letting those beautiful locks free, or occasionally with a messy bun. her hair also seems to be in perfect color- actually it used to be, since she recently ligthened her honey blonde locks to an almost platinum shade (you can tell I'm not really a fan of the dye job).

angelface dree always seems to have minimal makeup on. occasionally, she's seen with either crimson lips (my favorite fashion accesory of all times) or eyes subtly accentuated with brown.

dree hemingway 1
dree hemingway 1, popsiclepout tarafından Tory Burch shoes ile yaratıldı

dree hemingway 2

dree love.

Saturday, December 19

editorial: an american in paris

"Eine Amerikanerin in Paris", photographed by karel kuehne, model dree hemingway



from the fashion spot