Sunday, August 8

leopard print: it's not what you think.

alexa chung is the cover girl l'officiel's august issue, paying homage to sixties, and with all her feline charm, to leopard prints.

what strikes me the most in this shoot is the use of leopard print. interpreted in the most unusual way; I'm amazed how leopard print gives here a very different feeling than what we're used to: retro, childlike and yes, feminine and wild but in a pristine way. apparently, it can look very cute indeed when used on the right pieces- as alexa demonstrates perfectly with the loose, girly dress and the manly hat.

this adorable new approach is a good opportunity to get over the leopard prejudice, or even phobia. that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

checking out some of her outfits from the past, I realized she does this whole leopard thing so well, in her lovely wild-granny-goes-back-to-school way.

(bonus: lovely sienna miller, also wearing leopard. not too fond of leopard jeans myself)
here are a couple looks I put together with this on mind:

cropped jeans, a boatneck and too-cute-to-be-true leopard flats- voila, you're audrey hepburn. plus, shoes are always a good place to start from.

leopard flats

show your wild side with just a dash of leopard print. you can tone it down with loose, slouchy elements.


Forgetmenot said...

This looks great! I'm one of those persons that think that animal print is very difficult to pull off (and by "pull off" I mean "not look tacky)
I've only seen 3 people in the world that can wear leopard print right (literally, really) and Alexa Chung is one of them ;)

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

I'll have to agree- I still don't have the guts to wear leopard print, people end up looking ridiculous 90 percent of the time when they do. alexa looks surprisingly unslutty and fun in it though, it gave me a horrendous amount of courage :)