Monday, May 2

of tulle, lilly of the walley and DIY makeup: the royal wedding

pardon the unnecessarily cordial tone I will use when talking about the british royal family. being an old, old fan (seriously, let's hope my irish friends won't read this, fingers crossed); I've simply been around for too long not to do so. finally, we got wills married!
This couple was simply too sweet to pass by.
although I find them personally a bit boring at times, I was waiting for the wedding of prince william and kate middleton with an enthusiasm that perhaps matched to theirs in degree, for the big day I probably rose almost as early as they did, and by now I'm sure the house of windsor is more over the whole wedding fever than I am. so, dare I say, here you have my verdict: it was so much like being at a friend's wedding, I loved it- to the extent that at a first glance I felt like the event kind of lacked the necessary dose of va-va-voom for a major royal wedding, but now looking back I appreciate the understated elegance of every single detail and how they managed to make it a bit wills & kate rather than just royal- you know, little things: the convertible aston martin with the "JU5T WED" plate they left buckingham palace with, that kate chose to do her own makeup (although I see a tad too much mascara perhaps?), disco balls in buckingham palace- I'm completely sold.

I didn't feel like it's the best wedding dress I've ever seen, but it still pleased me thoroughly and has been growing on me. going mcqueen for the wedding was possibly the best choice kate could make, both as a tribute to the late designer and his contribution to the british fashion scene (basically defining and re-shaping the brit look, I'd say). the gown definitely has the royal finery to it, but in the most sublime and delicate way, rather than overstating the obvious fact. it tells so much about future the path newlyweds are planning to take and I love it. see how quickly lilly of the valley in bridal boquets and that grace kelly-inspired lace bodice become the next big things. and oh, that dreamy, crystal-like veil! by the way, princess kate, you got yourself a new fan here.

everybody looked so radiant and happy, including the queen. and are those three spencer blondes down there simply too beautiful to be real or is that some kind of cheerleader effect?

girls, calm down. william is going bald. william is not the big deal he was five, six years ago. plus you can still marry prince harry.


i am not your freud said...

yalnız prenses beatrice'in şapkasına değinmemen beni üzdü

deniz said...

valla şimdi farkettim esases, haklısın da, ona ayrı yazı gerek eheh diye yavşak bir bahane öne sürüyorum kuşum.