Friday, June 10

my style map

style is certainly not a solid concept, it grows with you. but I believe it helps to define your style, so that you know what you're doing and don't go astray and become a fashion victim. with this idea in mind, I put together what I call a style map, accompanied by a couple style notes. want to be featured on analytic approach to style with your own style map? scroll down!

  • as much as I love shopping and thinking/reading/writing on style and fashion, I hate does-this-go-with-thating and spending long time actually dressing. I must be able to just grab a couple items and wear them without ending up looking ridiculous, so I like easy-to-put-together items that all go with each other, which enables me to mix and match. 
  • I'm a shorts and pants girl, except a couple skirts and dresses that I own but literally never wear. I tent to stick with an "audrey" silhouette: high waist, slim (mostly ankle-lenght- I know it's supposed to be unflattering, but I don't think so) pants or shorts; simple, relaxed tops and flats- both because I feel like it works the best with my slender pear shape and it's a timelessly and universally nice look. 
  • though quite simplistic, my syle is not at all futuristic and tends to have a vintage feeling to it. I always pair basics with cult items from the past for a fresh eclectic finish.
  • my color palette constitutes of navy, cream, nudes, raspberry, red, khaki and green. as much as I adore color, I'm not the one who can mix & match brights. I usually don't use more than one pop item per outfit. powder pinks and pale nudes complement (and don't overpower like darker/brighter colors do) my skintone the best, so I usually form my outfits around basic nude tops, and then add something more exciting, whether it's a bright tomato red lipstick, my raspberry messenger bag, or a pair of colored jeans- I like occasional usage of leopard print too; such as a bag or shoes.  
  • striped tops are an essential in my wardrobe; I'm renowned as "the girl in stripes". I have a very slender upper body, along with a more normal-sized bottom; so it balances out my body, that might be a possible explanation on why I developed this obsession in the first place. 
  • I have neither the occasion nor the motivation to wear heels; it's almost always simple ballet flats and loafers for me. after I moved to france, I discovered bensimon sneakers, which have been called "french girls' converse", and I'm progressively working on my bensimon collection now.

to be a featured guest blogger on analytic approach to style, put together a style map yourself (I used polyvore for convenience, but feel free to use another website or software. also, you can take a look at whowhatwear for inspiration) and send it along to me with some words, or alternatively, send along a brief description and some other material on your style; like a couple key items (again, polyvore is always a good source), inspirational photos (or your own photos if you want) and personal style icons to and I will make one for you.

 looking forward to hear back from you. yes, you, stylish creature.


M said...

You know I'm with you on the stripes,but the perfect slouchy t-shirt w/them still eludes me :(


Gigi said...

helllooooooo honeeey
remember me? I ve totally neglected you!
I have been checking yourlast posts they aree pretty good as always
thanks for keeping up your blog I love it

Forgetmenot said...

hey! maybe I'll do that! I will let you know when I finish ;)

Expat50 said...

Hi! I've only just stumbled across your GREAT blog, so I'm afraid this response is very late(!). I've lived all my adult life in France, and although I've not yet caught up with all your posts, it seems like we share a very similar sense of style. I build my 'high quality' clothes (emphasis on lasting investment dressing rather than here-today, gone-tomorrow trends) on blacks, navys, camel, chocolate, beige and, of course white. The fun accent colours/trendy items are usually kept for accessories. The biggest compliment I've ever had was on the Paris métro the other day, when a French couple refused to believe I wasn't!! I guess if you live here long enough, the je ne sais quoi must rub off!! So what am I wearing today? Well, I had some shopping and a hair appointment. In fact my shopping started at 6.00 when I nipped out for breakfast croissants at our local boulangerie. I'm afraid it's late afternoon and I haven't changed since, though I have touched up my lipstick! I dressed for my dawn dash in a navy and white breton top, white jeans, navy ballet flats, smallish navy Longchamp leather shoulder bag, scarlet lipstick and black mascara and a soupçon of perfume (all Guerlain, cos I can't resist that make for sheer elegance and quality). I usually like a smokey-eye effect, but if I'm accentuating my eyes, I leave my lips bare, and if I'm feeling like a retro-vamp and wear red lipstick, then all my eyes get is mascara. Full eye make-up and a scarlet pout is simply too much for me. Voilà. Under 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, made-up and out of the door to face the world. There really isn't too much of an excuse for leaving home in a sweatsuit and trainers is there? Yet whenever I go back to the US, that seems to be all I see worn to the local supermarket. such a pity! It takes no more effort to present a minimalist but chic appearance to the world, and I think it shows more respect for myself and others. Great blog!! Thank You!! :-)