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how to rock harem pants

harem pants (originally called shalwar or salwar) are basically a pair of loose and baggy  pants progressively tightening to the bottom part. it's an oriental piece of clothing, appearing in many countries such as pakistan ("shalwar kameez" is the national outfit of the country) and turkey, though contemporarily not often seen, especially in urban areas.
look at turkish countrywomen playing soccer-just how cute & comfy it is!

they've been on the spotlight for a couple seasons now. if you're still not quite sure how to wear this special piece, here's some tips & recommendations for you!

to keep the look from being costume-y, choose rough, masculine materials and variations of gray or earth colors and for shoes, go for chunky heels. it will balance out the very oriental & feminine effect.
I feel like silky textures and bright, jewel colors should be kept for nighttime looks. they make great statement pieces. 

*****do's and don't's*****
*always do tuck the top in.
*especially if you're harem pant rookie, don't go for a dropped crotch. regular crotch styles are much easier to handle. learn from kim kardashian's gorgeous black pants below.
* busy details such as ruffles don't work with harem pants. it will be just too much.
*do wear them with simple tops and don't let the top outpower the outfit. harem pants should be the main idea.

Judging from the celeb looks above, I think sienna miller did it best by keeping it I-don't-care cool. her pants are on the dressier side, so it's still a great nighttime look.

 kim kardashian looks so well-tailored. considering her usual glam diva style, she did a good job, and with the help of some final touches (bright pink polish & sparkly bracelet), she still looks like herself. She kept her makeup more minimal than usual, which is a good choice.

rachel taylor's futuristic approach is lovely aswell.

diane krueger's look is not my favorite. she looks classy as always, but I still feel like there's something wrong with the outfit. I think it's the puffy, silky, bright white pants and the sleek black turtleneck not being made for each other! not at all.

balmain (top left) used harem pants as a perfect balancer to the hard rock appeal of the collection. it's a great inspiration for us all for this season.

the indigo blue one by maje is such a statement piece. it's so well-tailored too.

the black velvet chloé piece is so classy in an "elderly" way. I wouldn't wear it, but I can imagine it looking great on a stylish woman on her fifties.

 here's two looks I put together on polyvore:

this one sort of channels the rocker chic trend of this season in a laid-back way. I am literally in love with these perfect beige cotton pants- there's nothing more chic!

I tried to add a masculine effect with the blazer. I feel like it should be worn with a kinda slouchy tee to keep it casual & fit the pants.

the chunky, sparkly bracelet & sky high ankle boots are there to add some glam rock appeal to the outfit.
learn from sienna: how to rock harem pants in an edgy way

this one is about wearing these pants in a less rock star, more romantic and feminine way.
a blouse with ruffles and ribbons won't really work with harem pants, but this blouse is very romantic and interesting with its beautiful flow detail and gorgeous nude color, while being simple enough to combine with harem pants.
these nude pumps clearly spell "p-a-r-k-a-v-e-n-u-e-p-r-i-n-c-e-s-s" but they still don't outpower the outfit. the gray slouchy cardigan helps toning down the combination to a more casual effect.
as a last touch, some girly piece of jewelry won't hurt.
a romantic approach to harem pants

I think this look goes best with natural, clean makeup with an edge. chloe sevigny's bold, bright lip & minimal makeup elsewhere look will be super stylish. if you're more of an eye makeup person, you can go for a nude face and use a taupe/gray pencil and/or eyeshadow to make a subtle yet capturing smokey.
for hair, keep it casual and slightly messy. you can opt for tousled tresses such as sienna's or gisele's. a messy bun will look perfect, too.

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