Saturday, April 10

50 celebrity dates challenge

I recently discovered the group "50 celebrity dates challenge" on polyvore, where you basically try to complete 50 sets based on imaginary dates with different celebrities. my two favorite things in life -fashion and celebrity crushes- come together... and polyvore is probably the third. naturally, I didn't hesitate one second to jump on the board.
so far I have completed three, with James Dean, Morrissey and Gaspard Ulliel. see them below, more to come for sure!

50 celebrity dates challenge no1: riding car with James Dean
James Dean is not dead, at least for me. I wanted to make it retro and classy with a rebel, distressed twist, just like JD himself.

2/50: wandering around manchester with young morrissey
this "date" is why I often get depressed about not living in the Manchester of early 80's. I was mainly inspired by the iconic oldschool Smiths images and the way Morrissey dressed at that time, with my own "contemporary" touches here and there.

3/50: fooling around with gaspard ulliel
he's my ultimate french hearttrob! I imagine him to be a ridiculously fun person, and here's what I came up with according to that impression. btw; I somehow got the very unrealistic expectation that I'll be surrounded by men who look like this in my exchange semester in Paris next year. probably not, but I'd like to think that way.

who'd be your celeb date?


Forgetmenot said...

Gaspard Ulliel is gorgeous! but my favorite set is the James Dean: It's elegent and classy with some James Dean-esque edge :)
Nice work!

Pandora said...

I love that. Maybe I should try it as well. I will deffinetly check it out. It's been ages since I've used polyvore

sothyz said...

it ve brit, üstelik beni tek eliyle kaldırıp tüm londra'yı dolaştırırken bir yandan dünyayı da kurtarabilir: jason statham ♥