Saturday, March 27

outfit of the day: dare you, double denim

ever since I saw this stylish new yorker's photo at the sartorialist -I believe it was the one that started the trend-, I've been thinking about double-denim; wearing denim items both on bottom and top. a lot of times, fashion is all about falling in love with what you recently hated, but this time, it was tough to admit. all in all, we highly despised double-denim for longer than a decade. we have very bad memories of it, don't we?

I love challenge more than I should. and having seen how cool it can be when done right, it was impossible for me to avoid. but I was afraid of it at the same time, so I stepped back and silently watched what's going on for a while, and took notes how to rock this trend at its best and avoiding looking dated.

bringing together items noticeably different textures and colors than each other definitely helps, as Alexa Chung perfectly demonstrates here. another thing is that it's easier to mess up with denim jackets. denim shirts are much safer and  definitely more modern. any other double-denim tips or thoughts?

recently, I finally felt like I had the guts to try it on and went for a very masculine, retro and americana look, combining my medium-to-light washed boyfriend denim shirt with dark skinny jeans. I tucked the denim shirt in and opened the buttons up except the bottom two to show my new t-shirt with this gorgeous James Dean (circa Giant I believe) print on.

after making sure I wasn't looking like I was preserved in ice since early nineties, I completed the look with brogues, large tan tote and belt, nude-beige nails and a peachy nude lip. to add some femininity, I finished with an extra coat of mascara- what can be more girly than a fan of bambi lashes?
americana, popsiclepout tarafından Oasis tops ile yaratıldı

I left home feeling quite pleased with the result, and knowing Morrissey would appreciate the look- both in terms of double-denim and JD :)


SharynRamblings said...

just had to comment and let you know that i love your blog. it's so fun going through all your posts and seeing great fashion. keep up the great work!

Caroline said...

I am certainly warming up to denim on denim as well!!!

Thanks for visiting!

Forgetmenot said...

Hi! It's been a while since I last checked your blog but I saw all your recent post, and you are as great as I remember (looong time ago! ;)
I may do my oscar outfit post and everything!