Sunday, December 26

object of desire: glitter shoes

seems like shoemakers are acting upon the dorothy in us nowadays, and heaven knows I can't complain. I don't remember when I started to look for one, but I had my eyes on glitter-dunked shoes for a long time (possibly a cinderella or wizard of oz thing). and now suddenly, they are everywhere: designers seem to be determined to glitter up your feet this season. my absolute favorite would be marc jacobs' pointed-toe "mouse" glitter kitten heels, louboutin's nude-trimmed glitter ballerinas ad and miu miu's pair of glitter oxfords, which is the perfect combination of girly and tomboy; and though not my usual thing, I think giuseppe zanotti's glitter cowboy boots are pure genius. aren't these all the perfect way to dress up your everyday jeans a bit or add a girly tinge to a muted masculine ensemble?
glitter shoes
glitter shoes, popsiclepout tarafından gap shoes ile yaratıldı

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Velvet Dawn said...

Hi this is Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes, I love this post. I love sparkly things!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!Drop in and say hi sometime...maybe you could post a photo of yourself..Dawn

Flora said...

I love them! They can pull up any outfit =) Nice blog btw, I'm following you. xx