Monday, December 20

why brows are important

audrey hepburn, before & after:

always beautiful, just in need of some va-va-voom.. voila! brows have it.


TheStrawberryFields said...

Definately important to fill them in took me years to cave in but what a difference a bit of eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow does!

Nice to see a fellow Polyvore user also have a blog,i came across yours from the blog round up!

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

polyvore sisterhood! yeah, I guess my breton set was on the roundup this week. thanks for taking a look & commenting, and your blog is really fun.

audrey inspired me to use brow pencil & shadow in the first place, and it became my essential. some days I don't wear makeup, but in years I haven't been out without putting something on my brows.

SeLcEn-lasoledad said...

sanırım kaşlar silik olunca suratında bir boşluk oluyor burun daha büyük gözükyor hele de benim gibi bir burunsa:)benim de kaşlarım çok silik bende kalemle dolduruyorum bir gün adaya düşüp kazımak ve gürleştirmek gibi bir hayalim var :D