Friday, September 27

lusting on: the pink coat

the pink coat

birds do it, bees do it, even the über-cool céline girls do it this season. whether it's all girly and syrupy-sweet as in simone rocha, androgynous as in mulberry, or lavish in fur-lined silk just like louis vuitton's, the pale pink coat, in any shape, size or form, has rightfully acquired the title piece of the season.

without getting stuck in gender clichés, a pink coat can go so many ways that always have the right amount of shock effect.

Céline, Simone Rocha, Carven, Mulberry, Carven
Honor, Topshop Unique, Louis Vuitton, Blumarine, Jonathan Saunders

while pulling of the pink coat myself, I'll have funny face (1957), starring fred astaire and audrey hepburn and one of my favorite classic films, in my mind. the movie's lovely "think pink" theme (check out the link if you haven't seen it), and audrey hepburn's unforgettable tomboy look in it is a perfect way to keep the look going from a direction that's a tad too cutesy and costume-y.

I'll add a pair of boyish loafers, cropped pants and a crisp button-down, and hopefully I'm sorted for the upcoming season!
think pink!

intimidated? check out my pink coat mood board on pinterest.

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I'm totally digging the pink coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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