Sunday, January 24

alberta feretti spring 2010

alberta feretti's spring 2010 ads immediately grabbed my attention, and it grew on me even further when I took a look at the fashion show. in a way, it's what spring means to me; breezy, romantic, feminine, young, dynamic.
it's all about gorgeus dresses in flowy fabrics, pretty pastels and nudes with occasional subdued color pops and embellishments, worn with white brogues, a romantic messy bun and minimal makeup.
particularly, feretti's great understanding of nude colors amazes me, and I couldn't agree with completing the look with white brogues. I love how it's one of those "one-look" collections that have a definite spirit... feels like it tells a story -or a fairy tale. I'm sure I'd feel like a nymph in one of those dresses.
overall, it's one of my favorites of the season so far.

first, the gorgeous ad campaign:

runway-click to enlarge

 PS I have a feeling that "lolita look" is going to be the big thing this season, just like what rock chic was last year!

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