Thursday, February 4

grammys is a redneck parade... well, mostly

why does grammy awards always remind me of a black-tie redneck parade so much in terms of fashion? well, there are some exceptions aswell.

bad news first. 
the bad:

I appreciate Lady Gaga's style and I adore the ice princess themed outfit, but this neon yellow malibu barbie wig just doesn't work with it, which makes the overall look gross.

she can actually scratch your eye. try not to look at the photo over five seconds or it might leave permanent damage.

I see it's a beautiful dress, it's just not for Pink.

I don't know who this person is, but I feel sorry for her.

wow, girl, you made a great job in choosing the wrong everything. the hair is way too long for her height, makeup looks cheap, the dress is uber-unflattering on this body type, those flipper-inspired booties are just ridiculous. the result: humpty-dumpty meets dwarf beluga whale imitating kim kardashian look.

me not likey the beige hulk look. btw, dear makeup artist; I heard they invented something called "blending". I thought you might want to check it out.

you know what? it's not your prom actually.

...but it could be worse. this lady didn't only wear an ugly prom dress, she also took along a ridiculous messenger bag made of the same fabric.

definite overkill. it's such a shame, her escort (I dont know who they are, sorry) looks exceptionally stylish & trendy. love the military jacket, high top sneakers and monochromatic color palette.

that's exactly how you shouldn't wear flapper-inspired items.

wow, so costume-y and tacky it's interesting indeed.

next time tell your mom to iron your pants, kiddo.

okay they don't look that ridiculous here, I just dislike Jonas Brothers.

I gotta tell you something that's rather shocking... it's not 1997 anymore and you're not an NSYN'C member.

the mediocre:
 Nicole Kidman recently lost some of her appeal to me. I can't exactly describe it, I mean she still looks elegant like always, but it's far from the fairytale princess she used to be. she looks just fine here. most of her recent choices are "just fine".

I like the idea and find the colors & fabric's texture super flattering on her skintone but the shape doesn't really work, obviously.

not too bad, just a tad too 70's porn star for my liking.

the good:

oh my, so cute. the dress is so Audrey. navy and black look so classy together... and very clever accesorizing indeed. I think she's the best dressed of grammy awards (but who she is???)

she's just too elegant for grammys in this refined & gorgeous vermillion dress.

this dress looks like something Jennifer Aniston would wear. me likey!

just the right dose of sexiness. I really like it. maybe because she's with Josh Duhamel.

subtle glitz added with sparkly belt, beautiful powdery pink color, perfect shape... this dress is just dreamy.

though it's not a terribly original look and I openly hate Miley Cyrus with a passion (as every sensible person over 12 years of age should), I actually really like it.

lovely Taylor Swift looking graceful as always. I love how the dress flows gently on her curves, and the sparkly navy fabric looks magical on peaches & cream complexion.


JMay said...

I agree totally w/ everything.

Fergie looks the hottest by far :)

Syd said...

The short "humpty-dumpty looking Kim Kardashian lookalike" is a guidette named Snookie. She's from the reality TV show "Jersey Shore". She actually calls herself the "Princess of Poughkeepsie" which is right by where I'm from and where Vassar's sooo embarrassing and you should google her. It's hilarious what you will find.