Thursday, February 18


hey lovelies, sorry for my long absence, but I have some really good excuses... and I promise to make you forgive me.

I recently got the chance to spend a week in London, and other than falling in love with it in every possible way, I must add that, in terms of style, it was good enough to convince me that it's the most stylish city in the world. here you can feel the long-established classic british style coming together perfectly with the multicultural background. a liberating, refreshing experience indeed.
photo: rob barron

brits certainly get the theatricality & humor of it. they love unexpected color pops and mixing & matching brights. they are not shy to try out bold trends- I saw lots of liquid leggings, high-top sneakers and military jackets. their classic barbour coats, tweeds and tartans are still around to be played up, though. they use a lot of fur. I must add that brit girls aren't very much into pants- lots of colorful tights and leggings instead, and some really skinny jeans. and when it comes to shoes, you can spot tons of doc martens (as expected) and brogues. a lot of pieces they wear have a strong vintage appeal- the city has one of the best vintage scenes ever- I picked up a few items myself!

in my last day in London, I suddenly got the crazy idea of playing the Sartorialist around the city. I just started approaching well-dressed people, and asking them if I can take their photos for my fashion blog. I think I got rejected only two times, other than that everything was peachy. and what's so interesting is they're not aware of their stylishness- I heard a lot of them saying "me? I'm not stylish!" and looking really flattered. maybe that's because there are so many well dressed people around.

I had brought along a small, mediocre digital cam to London, so the pics didn't turn out very well, but I hope it will give you a hint of London street style from my perspective. actually, I enjoyed it so much I can tell you'll see me Sartorialist-ing many more times soon.

this Japanese gentleman was the first person I shot. I think he was a school teacher because he was with the Japanese school group. his outfit is just perfect, finally someone who gets menswear so well.

here's the Japanese school group. they customized their uniform with different little coats, varieties of (mostly tartan and sometimes woven) scarves cool brogues and totes. I love this preppy, ivy league-esque style.

what a lovely duo- epitome of brit classic casual. and they prove it runs in the family! I got to talk to the grandpa for a bit

good work with colors, textures and patterns. a seriously stylish pair of friends!

I love their young, fresh, creative and down-to-earth style.

brave work with colors. lovely!

what's better than a stylish girl is a group of stylish girls. they're soooo London!

simple yet effective. classic yet creative. so burberry prorsum!

she's an original.

this man, who was a roasted chesnut seller, was such a genuine, warm person. he had a lovely cockey accent that reminded me of Alfie Doolittle in the movie My Fair Lady. and how can you not love the hat? not conventionally stylish, maybe, but he's definitely his own man and that is what stylishness is to me.

what an uber-cool pair!

globetrotting model style! seriously, I'm pretty sure she must be a model or something. I love everything about this look, I wouldn't change a thing.

isn't she super cute? I spotted her in front of Primark in Oxford Street. I love the coat and the short shorts duo, and how the color of her flats fit her tights. I must admit this look changed my attitude towards sheer tights.
tell me what you think- who's your favorite?

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my wonderland said...

Yeah london's calling...
ps: I gave you an award come check it out its in my blog

Gaia said...

I'have been in London too!

You are so brave...I shhot people without asking them ...I'm to shy to aproach them!!!

Have a great weekend!

Analytic Approach to Style said...

thanks girls. I guess I find meeting and talking to new people quite easy for some reason, so it seemed like a good idea to ask them, but the photos where people don't know they're being photographed are a lot cooler aren't they?