Sunday, October 24

halloween costume idea for the super-duper-lazy audrey hepburn fan: jo stockton from funny face

lazy? audrey hepburn fan? still looking for an extra-easy halloween costume? welcome to the club. oh, and I have  the answer that you need: jo stockton of funny face.

a lean, simple, all-over black ensemble is jo stockton's usual daytime look. not a universally recognizable costume, I must admit. but especially if you're going to a classic hollywood-conscious halloween party, it's gonna be oh-so-cool. and, could it be easier? I don't think so.   

what you need:
  • a black turtleneck
  • cropped black cigarette pants
  • black penny loafers
  • a beige parka to throw on if you're cold.
  • optional: socks, either white or black. she wears a white pair in the famous dancing scene and the promotional photoshoot, and black in the paris tour scene. in my opinion, white should be opted for a signature jo stockton look. actually; there's a pretty interesting story about the socks. during the promotional photoshoot, director stanley donen wanted her to wear those white socks with her black loafers, to add definition. audrey; pretty self-conscious about her rather large feet, refused. it's said that the discussion went as far as audrey ended up reducing to tears, and she had to wear the socks afterall. after seeing the photos, she sent a note to donen, saying "you were right about the socks." 
  • for an extra-jo apppeal, take something nerdy with you, like a book on philosophy- extra points if it's on empathicalism.
jo stockton from funny face- for halloween 

for the makeup part; concentrate on eyes: a thick black top liner, falsies and thick groomed brows- even audrey's natural brow shape had to be augmented a bit with brow pencil on top. keep skin nice and matte, and lips muted in a rosey pink.

go for a simple, neat sideparted ponytail. a dab of anti-frizz serum will keep it smooth, shiny and in perfect shape all night.

seems to me you're ready- now enjoy jo's dance & try to pick up some of her tricks!

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photo source: fabulous audrey hepburn

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