Saturday, October 10

halloween costume ideas- number one: liz lemon from 30 rock

this post is actually about my unnatural obsession with 30 rock,but I decided to keep it in the already defined format of the blog.

I can't exactly make a style analysis post about any character on the show, you know what I mean...
but there's something: just a couple weeks left till halloween. I just couldn't help coming up with the idea of dressing up as liz lemon, tina fey's alterego and the protagonist of the show. I'm so doing this, and I had to share some ideas with you guys.

my friend, if you're looking for a totally awesome yet easy halloween look, liz lemon might be the answer for you, too.

you need:
*a navy blazer
*a cami/shirt to wear inside
*some bootcut jeans
*a pair of sneakers (preferably converse)
*a padded push-up bra (cuz you know, she's totally got'em)
*and of course, black rimmed signature liz lemon glasses.
*not quite necessary, but a really small pendant necklace like liz always has on will work too.

my hair color is quite close to hers, so I won't wear a wig or anything, but you can opt for a cheapo party store one if your haircolor/length is nothing like hers and if you feel like it.

have your hair parted from the middle and make tousled, "I-don't-care" waves, but not like a lush, killer Serena van der Woodsen I-don't-care. It's more of a really desperate, "I don't know what to do with my life" kind of I-don't-care.
you can just let it loose or make a loose bun instead. messy half-up styles are also quite liz.

finishing touches:
* you might want to add some food like, a box of krispy kreme, to pay tribute to her food love. also, having food stains on your shirt or adding some lettuce to your hair will always work, too.

"I'm gonna go talk to some food about that"

*is there anyting more liz lemon than holding a huge, messy pile of paper on your arms?

*the right attitude.



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Hüseyin Altıkıllı said...

how the hell we are supposed to celebrate halloween in Turkey?
Tell me...
Get your exchanges to do something, I'll join :D

Analytic Approach to Style said...

malum bu exchange bebeleri hiç affetmez türkiye'de bile halloween kutlar beybi

Sarah @ Shades of Sarah said...

Thank you!! I am so doing this!

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

I'm more than happy to hear that this post inspired someone. thank you! lemon love <3

Katie said...

Yay for another Lemon at Halloween! In the search for something "work appropriate," "super easy," and "semi-pop-culture-y?" I settled on Liz Lemon this year. All I needed was the glasses!

I have considered making my own bag of chips of "Sabor De Sol," laughing and saying that I'm "lizzing," and making my husband wear a suit and pretend to be Jack.