Monday, October 19

halloween costume ideas- number two: holly golightly from breakfast at tiffany's

who can forget the image of gazelle-like audrey hepburn gazing behind her big dark sunglasses at the window of tiffany & co store in 5th avenue, while having her breakfast consisting of danish pastry & coffee? or the wet, long smooch between hepburn and george peppard under the rain, with the nameless cat in between?

breakfast at tiffany's is an unforgettable movie in many ways. for this halloween, let this beautiful tale of two lonely spirits in new york inspire you.

since breakfast at tiffany's is beyond being my favorite movie & book (more like a lifestyle, a defining point), being holly golightly is always is the first thing that comes to my mind in when I hear the word halloween. here are two holly golightly costumes I put together:

first, holly's bedtime look:
as expected, holly golightly's sleepwear is anything but ordinary.
I went for this look once, in halloween 2007. this is super easy to pull off, and personally, I like it much better than the regular "black gown plus opera glows plus tiara" look, because you can spot at least one person per party sporting that one. yes, less recognizable, but much more creative.

holly golightly in sleepwear

here's what you need:

 *a really large men's tuxedo shirt
 *a sleeping mask, preferably similar to holly's, but a simple blue one will work, too.
you can find one like holly wore here and here. this one is super cute aswell. or, you can go for any big, bright, interesting sleeping mask you want. this store has tons of them.
and if you're feeling crafty, go ahead and make one as you like!

*if you can find, tassel earplugs like holly's. this store has an exact replica, but I think you'll be okay without.

*she's barefoot in that scene, but you'll probably have to walk outside at some point, so you can opt for nude-colored flats.

*you can take a orange tabby cat toy with you, to pay tribute to the famous no-name cat holly lives with.

before you put on the mask, straighten your hair, tease it around the crown area and put it in a half-up style.

and, here is the final scene look. just to let you know, blair and nate did it, too!

here's what you need:

 *a basic beige belted trench coat.
*a little black sheath dress - anyone will do.
*a pair of black pointed-toe kitten heels.

tease your straightened hair around the crown area and fix it with bobby pins. then part it into two pigtails around the back of your neck.

*some gorgeous writer with baby blue eyes, always formally and tastefully dressed, 
oh, for sure he should be hopelessly in love with you. if you happen to find this item, skip going to the halloween party. just go create some drama, look for a nameless orange tabby cat in the streets, kiss under the rain or something.

seriously, this one is great for a couples look.
for paul varjak costume, you need: 
 *formal apparel:
  -dark gray suit
  -black tie
  -white shirt.
*a classic beige trench
*a formal sideparted hairstyle with lots of hair gel.
 (oh my god, I like chace crawford almost better than my beloved george peppard as paul varjak. this is pure treason I know, but I seem to have a really soft spot for this boy.)



holly-esque beauty: 

put on a natural, pale pink blusher close to the color you naturally blush- the aim is a sweet, innocent, blushed look. benefit dandelion face powder is good for an all-over girly, rosy glow. Go for a darker pink if you have a darker skin tone, because this one just wouldn't show up. Add some more to your cheeks with a stiffer brush.
on your lips, go for a no-shimmer, creamy pinky nude such as maybelline moisture comfort in nude blush or MAC lipstick in hug me. I've been trying all the nude lippies on the market for years to find the perfect holly shade, and these two seem to be the best. 
all in all, as holly says, 
"a girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick."
fill in the gaps in your brows with a brow pencil and define them with a brow shadow in the same shade as your brows (or one shade darker, if your brows are too light). don't make it too dark or too obvious, just proper.
line your upper lashline with a black liner. I find that a cream liner instead of liquid, such as MAC fluidline in blacktrack or bobbi brown long-wear gel liner in black ink, is much easier to use, stays on much longer, and they give you the same definition as liquids.... trés essential for a holly golightly look. follow with mascara. I really like max factor false lash effect mascara, it gives long, full, separated lashes. if you're feeling like going more glam, put on some falsies, but it's totally optional for holly's bedtime look... well, as far as I know, she's the kind of girl who would totally wear false lashes to bed.

 you're done. enjoy, darling! 

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Hüseyin Altıkıllı said...

"*a really large men's tuxedo shirt"

if you'd have any problems finding, mine are really large :P

Analytic Approach to Style said...

ilgilenen okurlarımız sana bu akşama kadar ulaşsınlar sen verirsin o zaman :D

Fashioncholic Girl said...

ve inci kolye :)

Analytic Approach to Style said...

aah o vazgeçilmez zaten :D
bu halloween'de son anda hazırlanmam gerektiğinden en kolay fikir olan siyah elbise-inci kolye-siyah eldiven üçlüsüne sığındım, ee senelerin audrey hayranıyım ne de olsa, epey oldu diyebilirim :D bir ara koyarım resimleri hatta.

Formal shirts said...

Interesting post. Some really cool ideas here might see about one of these for halloween next year!

Velvet Dawn said...

hi my name is dawn from new jersey right outside philadelphia pennsylvania and your blog in which i am now following is amazing and so can follow mine too if you thank you and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm also brkfst tiffs fan, found your blog when googling examples holly golightly final scene. Wasn't sure it would work but ur blog convinced me and now I'm all kitted out with beige mac, black pumps, falsies & a girls cuddly cat handbag i can call cat & store my mobile in when out partying haha!
Anyways thnx 4 the tips. Love the bedtme look tht will definitely be next years costume!
Jen (from Scotland)

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

thank you jen! I love the cat handbag idea.
I've been dressing up as different audrey hepburn characters for halloween for all my life! especially this holly in black gown look is super-recognizable. I'm actually making a post about another audrey costume now :)

Anonymous said...

Great costume tips! The only thing I would add is another lipstick that is great for the "Holly" color. Maybelline has discontinued the one you mentioned above, but Revlon has a great version from their Super Lustrous collection called Pink in the Afternoon (415). Awesome for just a slightly pinker than bare color