Monday, September 6

let's fall in love with ipekyol's f/w collection.

I had been planning to talk about turkish fashion scene here for a while. today I'll introduce you to a turkish brand, ipekyol. it's a favorite shopping spot for both my mother and myself, with its ageless high-quality designs and timeless investment pieces.
I took a look at their fall/winter lookbook and it made me so proud that a a turkish brand has created such a great collection, with some lovely visuals on the lookbook, and I immediately knew I had to share it with my lovely readers. take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the collection, and don't forget to see the whole lookbook here, it's lovely and full of inspiration. seems like I'll break the bank this fall.

 this must be the perfect camel coat, with its perfect shade, military accents and jackie o appeal. I especially love their "camel is the new black" sub-collection, there's a camel coat for everyone.

these lovely chanel-inspired cardigans and blouse seem quite heirloom-worthy. not-so-surprisingly, I can't help but want them all.

classics with a twist- have breakfast at tiffany's, your way.

basics, redefined.
I must thank ipekyol's super-kind public relations department, as I was sent the scans as soon as I asked.


M said...

The coat & cardigans are fantastic, not surprising since Turkey is one of the Countries with the best production when it comes to clothes and many big names send part of their production there.
Loving your blog btw!


Caroline in the City said...

Camel coat! Military buttons! I'm in love. And have just realized that all my recent purchases have military accents. I was clearly in a certain mind-set during my last shop. At least the military trend always comes around again!