Wednesday, September 1

topshop picks

I'm having a mini topshop craze at the moment, as you can see. tonight I feel like listing my favorites- it must be some sort of mental masturbation I think.

everytime I come across topshop, I go in and try these shoes on. seriously. I feel like a smart grace kelly with them on. so perfect it's ridiculous.

I gotta get you in my life, babe.

the original school satchel. simply amazing.

it's camel, it' duffle, it's cute.

winter uniform material alert.

this is the aran cardigan I've been looking for all over ireland- the color, the pattern, the buttons. and ironically, I finally found it on topshop. 

I'd wear this cropped denim jacket with a band t-shirt, cigarette pants and ballet flats for a fifties-inspired look with a rebel twist, like in isabel marant f/w 2010

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