Sunday, September 12

let's google "school satchel" together.

I know what I said yesterday, but now the idea of skipping on the school satchel-inspired mulberry alexa and getting a real vintage school satchel instead is growing on me. I love how it's the "real deal", and it appeals immensely to my nerdy side. plus, this way I can save some cash. okay, more than some.
after a day of countless obsessive ebay, etsy, vintage e-shop and google searches with different combinations of the same four or five words related to the topic (mom had to warn me, after seeing a different tan school satchel on the screen of my laptop for the millionth time), here you have what I put together for inspiration.

first things first: alexa chung with her mulberry elkington briefcase.

mulberry elkington
asos (last year's, out of stock now. otherwise I would have bought it already)

(some website of which track I've lost)

while I'm off to google "vintage camel school satchel", please let me know what you think!

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Gigi said...

I adore the bag thank you for posting I always seem to find the cutest things in your blog Im glad everytime I get in my dashboard I see you posted something new and I get in your blog right away to find such lovely surprise :D