Monday, November 2

sartorialist favorites - part I

seriously, is there anyone not obsessed with the sartorialist?
this blog makes me feel that we live in a beautiful world and fills my mind with inspiration and joy of dressing up everytime I take a look at it. scott schuman (aka the sartorialist) is so good at capturing the wonderfulness of street style. I want to share with you guys some of my favorite sartorialist looks lately:

oh, such a poetic look this young man has. he has a very -effortless-gothic feeling to me: the dramatic contrast between the milky skin and flame-red hair, the dramatic, severe, strong expression on his face, and of course; the colours and materials of his blazer and scarf. shoes make a beautiful addition and balance it out perfectly.

I am quite convinced that she's a fairytale princess... the tale takes place in 21st century milano. oh, seriously, could she look any nicer? what I most love about this look is that it's not very matchy-matchy. every single piece has a life of its own, yet they complement each other flawlessly. so perfectly put together. the pumps & the skirt are so cinderella aren't they? and of course, I should mention, the perfect accesory to every outfit; a pair of endless, killer legs.

this one pretty much defines male attractiveness to me... if you cover the pack of cigarettes on his hand.

 oh, so well-tailored, so clean I swear I can even smell his aftershave & soap from the photo. I truly admire people who can understand and apply basics of clothing so well, and I must admit that I have a really soft spot for men wearing blue oxford shirts, too. always extra points for cuffed sleeves.

we must all thank this young lady for sporting some of season's major trends in such a genuine, fresh, personalized way. I love the bohemian feeling of the olive/bronze biker jacket, and it's quite refreshing to see one in a color other than black (readers, take note!) and it complements her olive skin tone in such a beautiful way.
 when it comes to shoes, cuffed boyfriend jeans can be tough to combine. the combo with these shoes seem to have the proportion just right.

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