Saturday, November 7

outfit of the day: pretty pissed off

I think fashion is such a good way of self-expression, rather than a tool for looking good. each morning, in front of my wardrobe, I feel like writing a story, word by word. some days it just comes out easier, and some days you have to stop and think of every detail.

this is what I wear in my not-so-right days.particularly, a biker jacket always helps expressing dissatisfaction and spleen. it really makes me feel a bit better. some sarcasm helps, too. baggy boyfriend jeans is my way of saying "I'm too tired to pay attention". I tend to go a bit stronger on eye makeup in those days.

life's not treating me well today, which makes me so childishly angry towards everything. I'm trying so hard too keep it to myself, and it just inflates the bubble.

hope your sun's shining today, though.

mmm....not so much love.


Forgetmenot said...

hey thanks for liking my blog! I'm loving yours too!
Sometimes in a while I feel like you explain here... don't worry that's hormones ;) sooner or later it will pass, and you will be as charming as holly golightly (a love love I think we share) again!
Just keep swimming :D

Sayeh said...

I LOOOOOVe your blog keep posting