Wednesday, November 18

sartorialist for burberry: art of the trench

facebook is getting old. so is twitter.
burberry started a new phase in social networking world: art of the trench.
it's basically a website full of photos of many different people wearing burberry trench coats & info about trench.
you can filter the photos by gender, trench color, styling, even weather, learn more about the history of trench coats, load your own photos with your trench, comment on photos, and some other cool things.

some cool the kooks pieces, all played acoustic, are on the background. could it be better?

as if it's not cool enough, burberry has commisioned scott schuman (the sartorialist) to go around the world and picture people with their burberry trench coats. he came up with brilliant photos that fills my heart with joy of trench, of course.


I'm a big-time trench coat fan. I can't even remember what I wore during the 3/4 of the year before I purchased one. the item just has a life, a stand of its own.
she just don't care
she just don't care by popsiclepout featuring Dorothy Perkins

I often play up the classic and clear-cut, but still kinda sorta scruffy  feeling trench coats give to me. cuffed, light wash torn boyfriend jeans worn with a fitting "audrey" stripey top and loafers or brogues does the job.

I guess you're right
I guess you're right by popsiclepout featuring Miu Miu shoes

 pairing the trench with chunky heels and a short dress is one of my favorites. this formula just works like magic for some reason. it's such a cool high-low mix.

cool kid
cool kid by popsiclepout featuring Marc Jacobs shoes

when I 'm feeling like being a bit more rebel than usual...

how do you wear your trench?

with trench love.

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