Thursday, November 19

objects of desire: november

objects of desire: november

  1. marc by marc jacobs 'parker' tartan wrap coat: I've already told about my platonic long-distance love affair with this coat. we're pretty much star-bound lovers.
  2. eugenia kim 'poppy' equestrian hat: I can't think of many things as dashing as this hat right now.
  3. vera wang lavender label  'lisa' embellished flats: so incredibly girly/sparkly/elegant it's virtually irresistible, until I see the price tag.
  4.  jennifer oulette velvet birdcage headband: perfect for adding a 40's twist to every outfit. think of wearing it with with a killer red lipstick and just a swipe of mascara, or with a completely different approach; doe eyes look with thick liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara. it screams DIY to me, whatcha think?
  5. topshop knitted pom pom sweater: such a cutie. though I don't think it's an overall good look for an adult, I love adding some items with a childlike appeal to keep it lighthearted.
  6. 3.1 philip lim draped tuxedo cardigan: this one pretty much sums up this season's trends: glam rock appeal, boyfriend blazer shape, MJ reference. such a statement piece.
  7. see by chloé studded leather ankle boots: this is one of the season's star items. genius.
  8. alex monroe 22-karat gold pleated feather necklace: seems like a very timeless piece. beautiful.
  9. topshop tartan scarf: I've been looking for the perfect blue-green tartan everywhere for years... this search has been a staple of my life. this seems to be the one. ideal for my "nordic spirit" days. and it probably is one of the only items on the list I can actually afford. wohooo.
  10. l'inde silver necklace with leather closure: think how good it would look with a simple white tank top and a slouchy gray cardigan... this is heaven.


    my wonderland said...

    I would wear them all!!
    I love your blog and your header and your style!
    great done!!

    Analytic Approach to Style said...

    thanks, it's such a flattering comment :) I just checked yours and I'm amazed. very stylish & inspirational.

    Dylana said...

    I desire everything here! You have such amazing taste!

    Lovely blog!

    Analytic Approach to Style said...

    I'm LOVING yours too, darling. thank you so much.

    FrouFrouu said...

    Oh I've been lusting over that Topshop sweater for such a long time - fab collection of goodies :)

    my wonderland said...

    Thank you a lot for being such a darling and always leaving a comment!

    Forgetmenot said...

    lovely lovely objects ;)
    I don`t see you much around lately! you should really post more often! that would be great ;)

    PS: I`m in looove with that hat :D