Sunday, October 3

burberry prorsum cropped shearling aviator jacket speaking.

from now on, I'll give a chance to a couple of my items of desire for the season to speak for themselves. I saw this idea in a magazine a while ago, totally un-creative copycat I am nowadays, it was hard not to "borrow".

hey guys, it's burberry prorsum cropped shearling aviator jacket speaking. 
I know I've been bothering deniz's mind an awful lot lately.  let's say she was relatively easy to seduce, probably thanks to my delicious chocolate brown leather and my creamy, dreamy shearling trim. and you know what's lovely? I remind her an incredible lot of the shearling aviator jacket she had from age two to five. seems like she has never felt that cool in anything she's worn ever since, and she's still mourning over the day she grew out of that one. I'll give her the perfect opportunity be awesome again. really. 
you know; she can wear me along with a simple sweater, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a slouchy satchel in a matching color and those sporty lace-up booties she's been eyeing... and voila, perfect weekend chic. for a winter's night out, I think she would simply throw me on an ensemble of a little black dress, black tights and black pumps, so that I can pop against them. oh, and to glam it up a bit, a slick of red lipstick could work.
can you tell we were made for each other? now all we need is €2,395  of spare cash in her pocket! that shouldn't be too much, right? RIGHT?

shearling jacket
shearling jacket

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Anonymous said...

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, I saw that same jacket recently in a mag and I haven't been the same since...