Tuesday, March 23

all I want is a naval blazer

I'd love to have more excuses to wear blazers. the excuse usually comes only in the form of spring or autumn, when coats are too warm and cardigans are too light, and I abuse it throughly. my current blazer obsession is on sailor-style, navy blazers with golden buttons.

the love story started after seeing theory double-breasted wool-blend jacket at net-a-porter.com. as a huge fan of masculine pieces, naval accents and playing up classics -I've always openly admired my dad's navy blazer with golden buttons-, I suddenly and deeply fell in love with it. since then, I've been paying more -read "too much"-attention to this style. is it just me or they are seen around a lot nowadays? well, all I know is that we need to get our hands on one quickly, before the blazer-season approaches towards the end!

the sartorialist

jak and jil

song of style


keeping the rest of the outfit simple and clean -with personal touches here and there, of course- puts the emphasis on the jacket.
naval blazer
naval blazer, popsiclepout tarafından Prada bags ile yaratıldı

it's just perfect for a smart casual look-somehow formal and casual at the same time.
naval blazer

 adding a dash of masculinity for an ultra-feminine look... it's deliciously eclectic!
naval blazer
naval blazer, popsiclepout tarafından Theory outerwear ile yaratıldı


sothyz said...

eheh, ben de sabah aynen "yauu hazır hava ne sıcak ne soğukken giyiym şunu" diyerekten mutteşem naval blazer'imi sırtıma geçirdim.
bir havalardayım ki sorma, sanki ceo'yum.

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

hastasıyız, ceo'lar kurban olsun o cekete. ayrıca aynı okuldan olduğumuzu öğrendim bugün efendim, saygılarımı sunuyorum.

sothyz said...

aa, üniversite mi?

ben hala diplomamı almadım. o yüzden,
"zeynep hanım, sistemde hala 2 elective'iniz görünüyor, o yüzden mezuniyetiniz iptal edildi" diyecekler diye korkuyorum.
bir ara gelip de alayım bari, bu kabus bitsin :)