Tuesday, March 9

sandra bullock('s oscar look) is a winner.

not just an oscar-worthy performace, sandra bullock also has an oscar-worthy look. no place for a razzie here! she looked breathtaking in her customized Marchesa gown: delicious fabric and vintage beading, perfect shape, and still nicely understated. such a timeless, unforgettable dress- we won't hate it next year, or ten years later.
I can't help wondering; is it just me or the sleek veronica lake hair makes you want to go straighten your hair aswell?

one thing that initially didn't really feel like the right choice was the cranberry-pink lipstick, it looked a bit too raw and seemed like a true red or a sheer wine-berry would complete the look better. but during her acceptance speech, I realized the shade looked just perfect on the stage (and more red)- she looked youthful, glowy, elegant and, defined and natural. I guess it's a question of lighting. the lipstick (CHANEL rouge coco lip colour in paris, in case you're wondering) just didn't agree with the lighting of the red carpet, which seems to be more cool-toned than the stage's.


Syd said...

Her hair is absolutely to die for here. I am so jealous.

sothyz said...

she has an evil grin that terrifies me. brrrrh.

deniz @ analytic approach to style said...

öyle deme be, sandra iyidir. aslında belki de bir dönem speed'in türk televizyonlarında gösterilme sıklığının haftada 2 olmasından dolayı çocukluğum kendisiyle geçtiğinden dolayı böyle düşünüyorum. sandra abla olsun, keanu abi olsun üzerimde çok emeği olan insanlar bunlar.