Saturday, March 27

outfit of the day: dare you, double denim

ever since I saw this stylish new yorker's photo at the sartorialist -I believe it was the one that started the trend-, I've been thinking about double-denim; wearing denim items both on bottom and top. a lot of times, fashion is all about falling in love with what you recently hated, but this time, it was tough to admit. all in all, we highly despised double-denim for longer than a decade. we have very bad memories of it, don't we?

I love challenge more than I should. and having seen how cool it can be when done right, it was impossible for me to avoid. but I was afraid of it at the same time, so I stepped back and silently watched what's going on for a while, and took notes how to rock this trend at its best and avoiding looking dated.

bringing together items noticeably different textures and colors than each other definitely helps, as Alexa Chung perfectly demonstrates here. another thing is that it's easier to mess up with denim jackets. denim shirts are much safer and  definitely more modern. any other double-denim tips or thoughts?

recently, I finally felt like I had the guts to try it on and went for a very masculine, retro and americana look, combining my medium-to-light washed boyfriend denim shirt with dark skinny jeans. I tucked the denim shirt in and opened the buttons up except the bottom two to show my new t-shirt with this gorgeous James Dean (circa Giant I believe) print on.

after making sure I wasn't looking like I was preserved in ice since early nineties, I completed the look with brogues, large tan tote and belt, nude-beige nails and a peachy nude lip. to add some femininity, I finished with an extra coat of mascara- what can be more girly than a fan of bambi lashes?
americana, popsiclepout tarafından Oasis tops ile yaratıldı

I left home feeling quite pleased with the result, and knowing Morrissey would appreciate the look- both in terms of double-denim and JD :)

Friday, March 26

missing you already.

this photo makes me miss winter already! 

outfit of the day: spring in paris

photos from {this is glamourous}

it's the right time to be in paris.

Tuesday, March 23

all I want is a naval blazer

I'd love to have more excuses to wear blazers. the excuse usually comes only in the form of spring or autumn, when coats are too warm and cardigans are too light, and I abuse it throughly. my current blazer obsession is on sailor-style, navy blazers with golden buttons.

the love story started after seeing theory double-breasted wool-blend jacket at as a huge fan of masculine pieces, naval accents and playing up classics -I've always openly admired my dad's navy blazer with golden buttons-, I suddenly and deeply fell in love with it. since then, I've been paying more -read "too much"-attention to this style. is it just me or they are seen around a lot nowadays? well, all I know is that we need to get our hands on one quickly, before the blazer-season approaches towards the end!

the sartorialist

jak and jil

song of style


keeping the rest of the outfit simple and clean -with personal touches here and there, of course- puts the emphasis on the jacket.
naval blazer
naval blazer, popsiclepout tarafından Prada bags ile yaratıldı

it's just perfect for a smart casual look-somehow formal and casual at the same time.
naval blazer

 adding a dash of masculinity for an ultra-feminine look... it's deliciously eclectic!
naval blazer
naval blazer, popsiclepout tarafından Theory outerwear ile yaratıldı

Sunday, March 21

outfit of the day: in wonderland

I wasn't too excited about the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but this tom binns for disney couture necklace got me into the mood. now all I need is some extra cash... 535 pounds to be exact.

spring finally seems to hit the town, and with the great dose of inspiration I got from the necklace, I put this outfit together.
a basic nude pink tank top creates the perfect canvas to show off the necklace. muted brigths and different textures coming together for a cheerful, spring-y, understated chic finish.

et voila!
et voila!, popsiclepout tarafından Stella McCartney tops ile yaratıldı

Saturday, March 20

berry-stained lips

I've always loved the idea of a berry-stained pout. strong color meets sheer texture for a flattering and natural look that's a bit innocent and childish -think popsicle pout- and thanks to its "just-bitten" appeal, definitely unusually sultry, in an appropriate way of course.

nowadays; deep cherry, mulberry or wine shades are growing on me. though it's usually more common on fall/winter fashion shows, I find it to be such a fresh look for the spring. especially paired with nude outfits, it's just irresistible.
since it's so striking on its own, you don't really need to put a lot of effort on the rest of your face- I complete the look with pale, natural-looking skin, subtly defined brows, a bit of barely-there highlighter and a dash of mascara.

to get this look; you can go for either a lipstain, sheer lipstick or gently pat a more opaque lippie and smudge it for a matte transparent finish. another technique is to put a thick swipe of deep lipstick on, leave it on for a couple minutes, then blot it off with a tissue- this really stains your lips.

I use a sheer berry lipstick that's slightly dewy in texture, but also willing to try a stain ASAP!
berry stained
  1. Laura Mercier lipstain in Mulberry
  2. Nars lipstain gloss in Victoria
  3. Smashbox photo finish lipstick in Ravishing
  4. 3 Custom Color lip and cheek stain in Ski Bunny
  5. Bobbi Brown pot rouge for lips & cheeks in Chocolate Cherry
  6. CoverGirl outlast lipstain in Sassy Mauve
  7. Urban Decay lip envy in Greedy
  8. Givenchy printed lips lip stainer in Pink Impression
is there anything more french than a wine-stained pout? try this look with classic french chic items, believe me it works.
berry lips
berry lips, popsiclepout tarafından Chanel bags ile yaratıldı

a berry lip is just delicious and pretty striking paired with gray.
berry lips
berry lips, popsiclepout tarafından Donna Karan sweaters ile yaratıldı

this spring's boudoir-esque nudes get along pretty well with berry-stained lips.
berry lips
berry lips, popsiclepout tarafından Mulberry bags ile yaratıldı

Saturday, March 13

got a question?

I finally have a formspring account! go ahead and ask me anything- on style, beauty or the unbearable lightness of being.

(I don't have a valid excuse to publish this photo in this post. I just love Morrissey way too much.)

my would-be oscar gown.

is it just me, or do you do it aswell? through the years, I developed the strange habit of pulling together an imaginary look for the oscars. here's this year's look- and I bet that after this post, the academy will be really sorry for not having invited me.

this fairy-dusted, gorgeous nude valentino baby is the ultimate perfect oscar dress for me- I'd pick it up in a minute. in fact, I can hardly think of anything else nowadays
I'd go for a natural but striking makeup look: porcelain skin, berry-stained lips, a bit of ivory highlighter, defined brows and some mascara, kinda like oldschool liv tyler. and my signature loose, intentionally tousled waves of course. ok, this picture of liv tyler is misguiding, I know I wouldn't be exactly as breathtaking, but it's a good look for anyone, not just for elves.

for a little pop of color, I'd wear berry-colored pumps and take a tiffany blue clutch with me, and I'd be good to go. very good to go indeed.

what's your oscar look?