Friday, December 18

inspiration: troy jensen makeup

troy jensen is a california-based makeup artist who captured my attention lately. I'd describe his signature look as flawless, glowy skin, lush lashes, perfectly defined features and either statement eyes or lips. goddess look! he knows where to use unexpected color pops and shimmer in the right dose and make it surprising yet wearable and always really classy. sultry, warm, breathtaking.

he's also one of kim kardashian's best pals & the name behind her famous posh cali girl glow. as a makeup devotee, I can say that, like her or not, kim always has amazing makeup.

troy's blog is amazing, hands down. it's updated pretty often, and he posts photos of his works, so you can follow his latest creations. the coolest thing is; he describes what he's used and done on the model, step by step, which is really helpful. also, he talks about his inspirations. it lets you to take a look at the artist's mind.

here's some of my favorite looks created by him:

rachel mcadams
megan fox

haley bennett

sofia vergara

riley keough

kim kardashian 


malika haqq

karolina kurkova

hmmm... some girls....

and, last but not least, here's to you one gorgeous shot of the artist himself:


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