Thursday, December 17

inspiration: bobbi brown looks

oh, how I love bobbi brown. she's the gandhi of the makeup industry for me.
over the past couple of years, she has proved the world that nude makeup doesn't have to be boring or à la return of the living dead. I think bobbi observes the different bone structures, colors and textures in women's faces very carefully. and the best part is; unlike many other industry professionals, doesn't try to fight them. instead, she takes them as her major source of inspiration. she doesn't try to teach you what's wrong with your face and how to fix it... now this is revolutionary. personally, I believe every woman will feel much better about their looks when they adopt a bobbi brown kind of approach to makeup.
every new look she comes up with is a major inspiration for me, so always I try to follow what she's been up to lately.

here are some of my favorites amongst her collection looks:

extreme party mascara, winter 2009

chrome, holiday 2009

nudes, fall 2009

pink raspberry, spring 2008

mauve, fall 2008

nude, spring 2008

rich color gloss, fall 2009

blushed pink, spring 2009

shimmering nudes, fall 2008

ivy league, fall 2009

nude, spring 2008

bronzed pink, june 2008

bobbi love.


Forgetmenot said...

Well said! she definitively is the Gandhi of make up; all about making you feel confident about yourself ;)
her looks are natural and yet glamourous!

Forgetmenot said...

The idea of the movie is great ;)
If I ever had a movie I´d like to have James (Hotness) Dean, Holly Golightly,Juno, Maxxie and Tony from Skins, also there would be soeone interpreted by Gaspard Ulliel for sure.

my wonderland said...

Wow I love those make ups!! theyre so natural and classy the pperfect balance between a lot of make up and not a bit. That way you dont look tacky or plain!
thakns a lot for posting it!