Thursday, December 24

last-minute holiday hair inspiration: blake lively

oh, how I love gossip girl's golden girl blake lively. isn't she wildly attractive and very classy? not what I would have described if you asked me my idea of a perfect woman a while ago, but now she has pretty much become so. (let's admit I had a long period of denial. I tried so hard not to like her for about 1.5 seasons of gossip girl, but you know, the fight is not worth fighting sometimes.)

you know she's the hair queen nowadays. serena hair is pretty much what rachel hair was in 90s. so, I decided to bring together a couple hair looks she has worn recently to give you an idea you about your christmas hair if you're still undecided and desperately looking for inspiration.

opt for a half updo if you can't decide. it's very in-between in many ways and suits every occasion.
a dressy half-updo is what holiday hair means to me! it's even prettier with curls.
let those gorgeous locks free- there are more ways to wear wavy hair than you think. some would be scrunching your hair with a mousse, curling with a large iron or twisting it into a bun and wait for a couple hours.
show your classier side with an updo.
to balance a bright/bold dress, opt for a blow dry with a natural wave.

a teased ponytail always works for such occasions. I love how it's dressy & casual at the same time. fun hair alert!

have a merry & gorgeous christmas.


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