Tuesday, December 22

style analysis: dree hemingway

I have a new style crush: ballerina-turned model dree hemingway (yes, that hemingway... she's the great-granddaughter of ernest hemingway. but I'm pretty sure she's tired of this being said over and over again).

I love dree's relaxed, natural, down-to-earth and a bit slouchy style, it's very new yorker to me. timeless but very aware of the zeitgeist. you can tell her staples are skinny jeans, ballerina flats and blazers. and she knows how to make it catchy and cool with some key pieces. I love how she plays up classics through color and proportion and minimal but effective use of accesories, and I think chunky heels (like her apparently beloved pair of alexander wang fringe boots) she often uses make a contrast with and accentuate her tall, slender figure.


she has out-of-this-world gorgeous hair, doesn't she? you don't see hair of that quality everyday.
but it's just-rolled-out-of-bed perfect,  not I've-spent-the-last-five-hours-in-salon perfect... tousled tresses make her even cooler. she uses her hair mostly down, letting those beautiful locks free, or occasionally with a messy bun. her hair also seems to be in perfect color- actually it used to be, since she recently ligthened her honey blonde locks to an almost platinum shade (you can tell I'm not really a fan of the dye job).

angelface dree always seems to have minimal makeup on. occasionally, she's seen with either crimson lips (my favorite fashion accesory of all times) or eyes subtly accentuated with brown.

dree hemingway 1
dree hemingway 1, popsiclepout tarafından Tory Burch shoes ile yaratıldı

dree hemingway 2

dree love.


Ully / Style Tricks said...

she looks really adorable!

Forgetmenot said...

She stupedous! Looove her smile! Specially when her lips are stained red!
Who would guess that Ernest Hemingway would have such attractive grandaughter? ;)

Analytic Approach to Style said...

haha, I totally agree, she's too lucky... I'm jealous in the both ways :) I wonder if she's read his books and felt a connection to him, because I love discovering new things about my ancestors.