Monday, December 28

editorial: Côte d'Allure

from Vogue Germany
photographer: Horst Diekgerdes
model: Madisyn Ritland

I feel like  two of my favorite bloggers, forgetmenot and my wonderland will appreciate this editorial! 

the editorial reminds me a lot of grace kelly's luxurious, well-put-together, ladylike but relaxed and provençale holiday/weekend style. it's such an enchanting, vivid and stylish story with sixties staples like cat-eye glasses, silk echarpes, cardigans and florals. though some of the shots need a bit more editing in my opinion (like the final one), I think it's a very creative work rather than a mere recreation of a certain style.

what do you think?

photos from fashion gone rogue

how about this one, forgetmenot? :)


and, as always, here's the polyvore set (it's becoming my blog's tradition!)
this time, rather than putting together one outfit, I made an ensemble of pieces that remind me of this style.
grace, for the weekend
grace, for the weekend, popsiclepout tarafından Hermes ile yaratıldı



Dylana said...


Forgetmenot said...

Why well yes, I ADORE IT! :D
Oh Thank you so very much!!
You are such a darling! I´m already making screensavers of it ;D (THAT is THE picture :O WOW)

You were right, I absolutely love it :)
(I´m going to smile for this all day long)

Forgetmenot said...

Ps: I am totally make a love, not triangle, SQUARE between Gaspard Ulliel, James Dean and whoever other male of your choice ;)

Adriana said...

very nice this post!!!!!:)

M. said...

I loooooove this editorial so much!


my wonderland said...

wow! I never saw this post I dont know why, but thanks a lot really! I do love this editorial and your blog is also one of my favorites...
did you know that forgetmenot and I are best friends? well, were both very fond of your blog, so when she posted the image you dedicated to her I got a bit jealous cause I didnt know you have also dedicated the editorial to me