Saturday, December 19

outfit of the day: I'm so fashionable it's ridiculous

this is pretty much what I've been wearing to class for days. I don't have neither the energy nor determination to glam it up nowadays, so this works for me. this is a very chilled-out and easy look, yet it gets maybe the best feedback I've got on my outfits in a while, and I feel really good in it.

let's face it: I'm a winter denier. though it's starting to be constantly quite cold and rainy here in istanbul, I've been acting like it's mid-fall and simply refusing to wear coats and other wintery stuff. no need for that, some layering, a scarf and a really warm cardigan on top saves the day for me.

I'm obsessed with my new motorcycle boots, I think I haven't worn any other shoe since I got them a week ago! I love how they add a rebel attitude to every outfit.I especially love them with denim leggings. mine are in a medium blue-gray with a washed appearance.

and lastly; belive me, big, black clear-lens wayfarers make sure you look smart and get noticed by the instructors. it works.
I'm so fashionable it's ridiculous


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