Tuesday, December 15

editorial: parisian chic, nordic spirit

this editorial by swedish fashion editor, blogger and wonder woman  caroline blomst is quite worth taking a look at.
she combined season's top items in such a distinct and stylish manner. all the shots have the particular carelessness and breeziness of a parisian but I can still feel the nordic touch behind through the tough accents and the sharp attitude. it's admirable how well she played with proportions and patterns. and it's quite helpful especially if you're still confused about how to use polka dot tights, boyfriend blazers, brogues and tight minis.



Ully / Style Tricks said...

Thanks for introducing her, I will follow her up :) I love swedish touch in every kind of design!

Analytic Approach to Style said...

me too! it's always very refined and beautiful in a noble way. caroline is amazing, check her out.