Saturday, October 30

it's too late to tell him how great he really was.

yesterday I went to a morrissey party where less morrissey/ the smiths songs were played than it is played in my room on an average night. to take revenge, I felt like taking some wardrobe inspiration from "baby moz"- okay that was perfectly lame, I'll say smiths-era morrissey style while dressing up for a short walk outside today. so should you!

it's easy: an intentional desperation, some slouchiness, some mix and match patterns- and voila; you look enough smiths-obsessed.

oh, by the way, I happened to discover this unpublished demo version of paint a vulgar picture, one of my favorite smiths songs of all time (now that's saying something, considering I basically live on the smiths songs). lots of different lines (now I know why it's called "paint a vulgar picture) and a purer, less processed vocal tone- it might even be better than the actual published version, and suddenly every blurry point about the story told in the song is illuminated. if any of you happens to be a psychopatic morrissey/smiths fan like I am, you might really enjoy this:


paint a vulgar picture. 
paint a vulgar picture., popsiclepout tarafından pullover tops ile yaratıldı

I know this was a quite weird post and I made myself look really crazy, I just love the man so much I can't help!

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