Sunday, October 17

season checklist: penny loafers.

being the first audrey hepburn movie I've seen, funny face has made a profound impact on my idea of beauty. who could forget the delicious, daring, charming main character jo stockton, played by audrey hepburn? certainly not me. her wit, her bambi eyes, and of course, her black loafers worn with cigarette pants and a black turtleneck. since then, a good pair of loafers define preppy weekend chic- something audrey hepburn or grace kelly would wear.

and finally, their day has come again: this season, good ol' penny loafer goes as far as threatening the longstanding reign of the ballet flat. and I certainly can't complain.
classic grandpa loafers completed some of the the looks in chloé's f/w collection. they are also appearing with updated, high-heeled versions in céline, alexander wang, balenciaga and prada. as for me, I'll stick with the original flat loafers. I finally got the pair of topshop loafers, on which I'd had a crush for a while, but I'm already saving up for another pair. oh god.

I hope this bunch of street style photos involving penny loafers gives you some inspiration. and here are my ways- and I'd love to hear how you wear your loafers. I'm pretty obsessed with them, so a few tips would really help.

learn from audrey and complete your loafers with cropped cigarette pants. then pretend you're dancing with fred astaire in a giant hollywood production.

warning: this is not for the faint of heart. go for the bold combination of denim shorts and warm knee-lenght socks for a retro schoolboy appeal.
...or try this style with a 50's style full pleated skirt for a similar but girlier finish.

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