Wednesday, October 27

NARS vintage polish collection

oh, sweet nostalgia. I'm totally smitten over NARS' new limited edition vintage nail polish collection. each named after a silver screen classic, these colors all share a very vintage feeling indeed. I'm sure I'd like them very much solely for their colors, too, but after seeing the names, there's no escape- I'm such a sucker for everything with a story, and extra points if it involves classic hollywood.  

from left to right- click on the names to go to the imdb page of the movie of inspiration:
M*A*S*H army green infused with gold.
KING KONG copper brown infused with gold
ZULU forest green
FULL METAL JACKET gunmetal frost
 all polishes are 16$ each.


Forgetmenot said...

midnight express!

simon said...

renklere bayıldımmm