Saturday, October 23

season checklist: ladylike bags

I'm really glad fashion has taken this 50's-inspired chic, sophisticated and elegant direction this season. and it's not just clothes: seems like these structured "mad men" bags are the perfect arm candy now.

as for me; I first set my eyes on the lovely, precious genuine croc vintage bag that used to belong to my grandma in fifties and it screams "I should belong to betty draper". it's been sitting in my mother's wardrobe forever- not really her thing. so I thought, why not? and although it took me weeks, I finally convinced her to let me borrow the bag for the season. can hardly wait to try it!

my picks for the season:

1. valentino, 2. pierre cardin vintage, 3. fendi, 4. nancy gonzalez, 5. marc jacobs, 6. alexander mcqueen, 7. valentino, 8. chloé

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